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It’s a beautiful day … hey hey hay(fever)

June 3, 2011

There must be a direct link between sunshine and my mental state … and the mental state of The Spaniard …

today I feel chipper if a little knackared and the Spaniard is causing proper pregnancy symptoms my chest hurts and I’m tired hurrah. And yes I do mean HURRAH … days with no symptoms at all really are a bit scary. If all this works out, I’m sure at some point I’ll be bored with feeling tired and sick but right now I say bring on the vomiting.

Got up early this morning and went for a lovely walk along the river … hazy morning sunshine over Pink Floyd’s Grantchester Meadows, the dogs up to mischief and the ducks and moorhens looking on in a faintly amused but slightly superior fashion.

All marvellous … then a tickle, then a rub of the eyes and THEN … sneezes and full on hayfever put in an appearance. Hey ho (ha!) and I can’t take any antihistamine … which is fine as I’d put up with hayfever every day as long as I can stay pregnant.

Back to work now…. sun and pollen streaming in and trying to focus my brain … time seems to eat itself and reviewing something for an hour becomes 5 without even really being aware the time has passed.

My tummy aches a little … maybe time for a small snooze … oh dear maybe I am still bonkers … The Spaniard, according to work it out calculators online is officially 6 weeks old today. This seems odd as it is only 4 weeks today that it was even conceived … sperm and egg mixed together in blender and fertilized embryo appeared. All very strange … but saying ‘Hello, I’m Ellie, I’m 6 weeks pregnant’ seems to have a ring to it … rather than ‘hello, I’m Ellie, my embryo, The Spaniard, is 28 days old today’.

Yesterday when I had my walk I noticed daisies … everywhere … not the little cheerful ones that pop up in lawns with pink petal edges … these ones are in fields, verges, meadows and, well, pretty much everywhere around the southern side of Cambridge … they are brash, upstanding and tall and obviously don’t need well watered soil, apart from a splosh on Tuesday, t

here’s been no rain for days. Anyway they made me smile, and wonder at how nature (unsprayed) can flourish in such abundance. This in direct contradiction to the whole ‘killer cucumber’ scare which I’m sure must be as a result of torturing nature or some vile chemical cattle fodder getting into the food chain. Anyway get off your soap box and cherish the daisies.

Ok shutting up now as am aware the madness is returning and it needs to kept at bay… and I have to refocus back to some lovely work I’ve been doing which I’m not doing justice to due to my befuddled brain … this is also making me feel cross with myself AND guilty …. come on girl sort yourself out.

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