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bad bad bad bad day

June 7, 2011

spent the afternoon at the Rosie … the maternity bit of Addenbrookes hospital …


had a meeting this morning and got crampy pains in the front of my ‘lower tummy’ and then a bit later some brownish blood .. just a little bit .. it could be the Spaniard settling in … or apparently bleeding from behind its sac


it could be an ectopic pregnancy or just a plain old miscarriage and the Spaniard has decided that my womb isn’t the place to be and has upped sticks and wandered off


had blood test

had partial examination – turned down the option of speculums which seemed a little too invasive if there is still any kind of chance for The Spaniard … Sandra the SHO pressed my tender tum, Cornelia took my blood … we need to wait and see what happens next .. depending on blood results later tonight I will have a scan tomorrow


ho hum sad sad sad and feel blank … need to pull self together to give some strength and positive vibes to the small Spanish fellow so wanted to get my bleakness out here …


so dear internet please send positive sticky energy to our Spaniard and me and Roy… and a bit (lot) of courage.


What do you think? Comments welcome ...

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