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Life is a roller coaster …

June 10, 2011

just got to ride it …

so says Ronan Keating … and so say the staff at Bourn Hall.

Today we saw The Spaniard again … little heart beating strongly … but at today 5.7mm (hurrah it’s grown 1mm) … this seems to indicate I am 6 weeks and 2 day pregnant which means it is growing in line with the first scan two days ago which said I was 6 weeks pregnant. HOWEVER, even though the scanning machine has a +/- tolerance of 4 days it means the little fellow is on the small side which isn’t necessarily a great thing… “and it has grown” (said Karen the scanning lady).

She found a patch that could have indicated a bit of a ‘bleed’ but not definitely and she said that the yolk sac was great and the gestational sac and so on … so all good … just a little small … but that could also mean that instead of the fertilized embryo embedding itself on the day of transfer it may have taken a day or two to decide where to nestle in.

Anyway – the long and the short is HURRAH the Spaniard is still there, mmmmmmm it’s a little “smaller than we would expect” (thank you Karen) and I need to pamper myself and rest more (says Doris) and take it easy and look after myself (says Mr Matthews).

Here is The Spaniard (with tiny circular Yolk sac) on day 35 of its existence.

It was good to see the staff there so cheery, Mr Matthews offered his hearty congratulations, Doris hugged us and everyone smiled … and said ‘good luck’ and ‘take it easy’. The special part was taking Mummy along to see the scan … she found it very emotional and was a little starry-eyed while we ate cake in the lovely coffee shop in Bourn village afterwards. It meant the world to share it with her and for her to see the very fast but determinedly pulsing heartbeat.

So back home have cancelled work plans for next week … maybe I should write for a living (oh ok maybe not!!) and am on ‘working from home and resting’ mode for the next while.

Walking is good, swimming isn’t … so as the evening light intensifies I’m off for a walk to talk encouragingly to our Spaniard and say some prayers… if you, dear Internet, feel like doing the same it would be appreciated.

One aside is that Mr Matthews himself comes from Kerela … he was delighted that I had been to Kerela and knew Somatheeram well “did you stay in those lovely huts? did they give you the Ayurvedic massage??” … so that kind of closes that circle somehow … I went there in February to ‘prepare’ for my IVF – thanks to Dr Ramen and Dr Faizal Rasheed and Dr Shirly and of course SreeKuMarie and Jinzey for all their hard work on my decrepid body! This Spaniard would most definately be seen by all of them (and is seen by me) as a Kerela baby …

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