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Slightly Saner Sunday

June 12, 2011

… spent alot of the night awake pondering the best way to turn my brain back into a brain again and remove it from the myre of angst and predetermined doom it has sunk into … so not me to see the darker side of situations … so not me

anyway – I have decided, using Prince Philip as my example (oh hurrah for his interview with the snooty Fiona Bruce and making her look very silly), and just say “this is where I am” and get on with life and not be regretful navel gazing loon anymore.

Well – that’s today’s cunning plan … we’ll see how it goes … this soggy but slightly saner Sunday is going well, to continue the S theme I made soup and have scoffed most of it and am feeling a bit more me again.

I also had a phone call just now, asking me to Chair a very important conference session tomorrow in London which sadly (gutted) I can’t do as will be sitting infront of computer with The Spaniard following it online and looking for other work I can do from the security of a horizontal position whilst I am ‘resting’ to try and encourage Spaniard growth over the coming couple of weeks.

For now … off out in the rain to support a lovely Cambridge based charity having an open garden (you should see the sideways rain outside) … they look after bullied children and help them back into a safe educational environment.

I feel as if I’ve been bullied by my brain and by all the ‘don’t raise your hopes’ comments recently – ok that’s a bit strong but I do feel a little cowed by the raft of ‘constructive / negative comment’ …

as Mr Springsteen, Mr Seeger and others have said, “We shall overcome”

Shutting up now

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  1. Lisa Bee permalink
    June 12, 2011 2:17 pm

    Hi Ellie – very sweet and lovely blog, my dear. Fingers crossed and hmmm… are you off to Red Balloon ? Sounds like that organisation, which is very worthy, but hope you are doing this gently and are wearing a raincoat! Don’t look on the internet – it’s all craziness and every pregnancy is its own unique story. I mean don’t look at health stuff on the internet, period! So funny yr consultant person is from Kerala. Very full-circlish. xxxooo Lisa

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