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Allergy schmallergy

June 14, 2011

I look like Shrek today … it’s official

fat face … streaming red eyes and green with slimy snot … I went for a walk from Mummy’s house down to the railway line this morning and now need a bag on my head to appear in public.

Not as innocent as they look these field dwellers

So it’s either hayfever or I’m allergic to being pregnant … which apparently can happen to people like me with overactive immune systems, haven’t vomited yet and don’t really even feel queasy … just slightly achy breasts (though I would like the reassurance of some extreme pregnancy symptom) … I did have a nosebleed yesterday but don’t think that counts.


I hope The Spaniard doesn’t mind the minor earthquakes that happen every time I sneeze … poor little soul must feel as if it’s on a roller coaster or a bungee jump. I’m not very good at genteel lady like sneezes … these are more explosions that start in my toes and race up to my nose before exploding out into the slightly shocked world.

Timely appointment arrived today – seeing obstetrician and rheumatology / immune system consultants in a special odd persons appointment on 22nd June … hope they scan me again … and hope they can offer me some allergy relief as I can’t take antihistamine.

Off to eat a jar of local honey now … apparently that helps. So much for glowing and radiant!!

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