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June 18, 2011

Here I am in Limboland … well … here we are .. me and The Spaniard (well I hope its here and hasn’t gone off somewhere) … that kinds of sums up this last week.

I should have been talking at a huge conference in London about social media and charities and social enterprises … and then should have been at a Parish Councils conference in Bristol talking about localism and empowerment (see I am a bit grown up normally) … and now I should be in Bristol with the British Antarctic Survey club attending a dinner (and being rowed across to) aboard the SS Great Britain.

Instead I’m in Cambridge … don’t think I’ve been in Cambridge for so long since childhood… and it’s the Green Man Beer Festival in Grantchester this weekend … clearly I can’t drink but all in all … I am finding being ‘grounded’ and ‘taking it easy’ quite tough.

I keep day dreaming about far away places like London or Manchester … let alone Kerela or California … but for the short term here I am in Cambridge.

I wonder every day how The Spaniard is doing … if it’s doing … and so on. Say lots of prayers … think lots of hopeful things, and burble away to it in the manner of a crazy person about the weather, the walk we are on, the flowers, what’s for lunch, how funny Miranda was on TV last night … pretty much everything.

My immune system is rumbling a little – the allergy rash on my face has eased but my left knee is swelling up – they said it might happen .. but am glad I’m seeing Mr Lees the Specialist Obstetrician on Wednesday along with lovely Dr Hall the rheumatology specialist … I secretly hoping I might get to have another scan to have a  look at The Spaniard to see how this Kerela baby is coming along.

Anyway – as I appear to be constantly hungry it must be time for lunch… and lunch today in limboland consists of mother’s Californian salad …yum.

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