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Great great evening

June 25, 2011

Having had the lowest of days (and rested and rested) i have had the happiest of evenings.

Went to the movies to the unpromising sounding Bridesmaids… It was brilliant.

Very different to the frothy romcom it could have been… Sharp, funny and very slick and sitting with my oldest friend Lizi (our grandparents lived next door to each other, our mothers gossiped about their husbands before we were born and we have played together since i was 7 months old) and laughing together in the darkness pushed away (with a huge big shove) all the sadness and blues.

We walked through the city afterwards back to our cars marvelling in horrified amusement at bare legs and high high high shoes and short short skirts and all the spotty drunk blokes who just weren’t worth all their effort.

Still petrified of the scan and what it might show in the morning brings but for tonight I feel happier inside than for days.

Hurrah for friends… and bridesmaids. 

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