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Breasts, wax and bruises

June 28, 2011

Read no further if you are of a sensitive nature …


I need to share with you three of the things that I am facing at the moment!!! So much for blooming and feeling radiant …

1 – breasts … not just achy now but OUCH very sore … and lumpy … but not in an even way … one side lumpier and bigger than the other … all very interesting but a little hard to sleep at night when you roll over. One day one hurts, the next day the other!!

2 – wax from the cycolgest pessaries … driving me bonkers … the revolting bullet like pessaries have to ‘go in’ twice a day and the drug is encased in wax … which obviously doesn’t get absorbed but has to come out … mmmm yes … constant flow of warm wax … so not pleasant.

3 – bruises … my tummy is now covered in green bruises from the injections and little ‘spots’ where the needle goes in every evening … am contemplating a dot to dot pattern … maybe I should download a picture and just jab through it each night and then can have fun joining up the dots …

and if you’ve read that and feel weird I did tell you to read no further if you were sensitive!!


OK that’s it … the unpleasant truth!! Maybe blooming will come … I hope so and I hope and pray everything continues well and would give up having even breasts for ever to get to January and give birth to a healthy bouncing Spaniard!


What do you think? Comments welcome ...

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