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A 1 day adventure and how it won’t be repeated for a good while

June 30, 2011

So … I work … I have to … mortgage to pay and food to put in mouth etc … but for the most part it is from my desk in my brother’s old bedroom at my mother’s house … with a bed a few feet away to have naps on… and my mother popping in with cups of hot water and bowls of popcorn as and when.

I have avoided going to all meetings and to all conferences and events outside Cambridge since getting back from Spain … yesterday I went up to London.

I waited and got the cheap train ticket … not all full of commuters at 11.15 so time for a long lie in … I got a taxi from Kings Cross… I walked along St James’s Park and not busy Victoria Street and the meeting involved me sitting on a chair round a table (and eating almost incessantly from the stash of ryvita mother had sent me up with, 2 bananas and a small sandwich) and then getting the tube (couldn’t find a taxi) back to get the pre rush hour train from Kings Cross … in London for only 3 hours and most of them sitting down.

However, I got to Kings Cross, was totally overwhelmed by the noise, the smell and all the people pushing and shoving … even at 3.45pm and had a serious dizzy / faint turn … made it to the train and just sat there feeling terrible and wishing I hadn’t gone up to London … Lindsey’s words ringing in my head “rest … rest … rest”, I sat miserably clutching my tummy.

I got home by 5 and lay down until supper time but really felt so so wiped out and have spent a huge part of today doing very little and resting … still feel knackared… and know for sure that I won’t be heading anywhere until at least the 13 week scan on 21st July.

I was quite shocked by the effect that something so innocuous as a non rush hour trip to London and back had on me … but the upside was that the meeting went well and I was glad to have been there, and also it was reassuring to be sitting on the tube with an official NHS “I’m Pregnant” card in my pocket incase anyone challenged me for sitting there.

It also caused me more than ever to understand how protective I feel to this small Spaniard and how bloody much I want him / her to be born. Apart from the craziness at Kings Cross the thing that worried me the most was when the train went through tunnels very fast (windows open on the train) and my ears blocked up … as most people’s seemed to be from looking round at people putting their fingers in their ears and gulping alot … I wondered about The Spaniard … does my tummy protect it and the tiny newly formed ears … or was it there thinking (cos it does have a brain now) “what the hell is going on?”   Sorry Spaniard.


So happy to be back in Cambridge today – lovely walk this morning, peaceful lunch, video conferences and a big big sleep this afternoon … this is the pattern of how the next 3 – 4 weeks will be…

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