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Told you so

July 4, 2011

I did … I told you about the bruises on my tummy … and just incase you didn’t believe me… and yes I know it is revolting, but I thought you should see what I’m having to go through!!

Hot day today … hot and sticky … and very muggy.

Anyway – it’s been a few days since I updated the world on The Spaniard and my progress so here it is:

I rested alot after last week and had a quiet Thursday and Friday, to be honest I couldn’t have done much if I’d tried, so apart from the daily hour long walk and sitting like a splodge in front of my computer working, I really did very little.

The one main excitement was that I am chosen to have a ‘training’ scan (when I say chosen I expect everyone is asked but they do make you feel a bit special … bit like all those winning Reader’s Digest letters!!) … my training scan will be in a special smart ‘training’ area … with carpets! I shall be scanned for an hour by trainee doctors and their consultants. The lady on the phone asked if we wanted to know the sex of The Spaniard; I feel it is a bit too soon, and to be honest not really sure I want to know anyway … but this early on it seems a bit ‘tempting fate’ somehow. The training scan will be on 12th July at about 11 1/2 weeks … we get photos and maybe film … oh the excitement (and I mean that!) The Spaniard will have to make sure it keeps on growing and gaining in strength and stature and looks its best for the cameras.

So … today is day 59 of The Spaniard’s miraculous and marvellous existence which equates to me being about 10 weeks pregnant + a bit …

On Saturday I decided that The Spaniard must be a Catholic … we went to Lynda’s ordination (Church of England) a 2 hour service (lovely hymns) in Ely Cathedral … I had tummy cramps, felt wiped out and dizzy and had to go and stand outside in the shade for a while … I guess all the visits to St Nicholas Cathedral in Alicante after the IVF must have had some influence and The Spaniard missed the pictures of the Pope and the smell of the incense! Anyway – that proved a bit much but I perked up afterwards with a nice cup of  hot chocolate and a cheese scone (pastureised) in a little deli cafe behind the Cathedral.

I have become an eating machine … as soon as something is finished I want something else … quite shocking … try to keep it to small healthy snacks but I have to admit, bad bad me, to having had more cake in the last month than in the whole last 10 years put together. I don’t believe in the whole feeding for 2 thing – certainly not when The Spaniard is probably only an inch long by now … but it stops the mild nausea, and just seems to be what I have to do.

The other incident of note in the last few days (other than husband loosing his wedding ring and almost literally tearing the sitting room apart hunting for it … I found it yesterday evening his side of the bed on the floor … men … pah!), the other incident, was my neighbour Helen telling me that my chest has ’rounded out’ and got bigger … I thought it had and it does hurt alot but to have external clarification on that was good!! She then gave me a large slice of banoffee pie (I don’t normally even like banoffee pie) and I was so touch and thrilled I burst into tears and then ate it in record time.

As you can see not alot has been happening and I am increasingly mush brained and bonkers … that’s all!

I did have rather a lovely walk this morning along the river to Fen Ditton …

these pictures from this morning’s walk might make up for the horrible tummy bruise one … glorious flock (is that the right collective noun) of swans in Fen Ditton and two cows being affectionate!






please think of me at 7pm each night stabbing myself in my purple and green tummy with needles … have a drink or something for me cos I really do miss alcohol… maybe a Margarita or a nice glass of wine … or a pint of Aspalls cider… sigh!!






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  1. July 13, 2011 5:19 am

    Nope, the Spaniard made its religious choices quite clear to you. It will choose, not you. To the point, it left the building! Get with the programme Ellie. Kizzy told me she was a minor epileptic at a a house party in Brighton before she was born. Then the docs proved it about 4 years later!

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