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“at your age”

July 9, 2011

“at your age”

“in your late 40s”

“pregnancy so late in life”


OK I know … if I could have a £1 for every time some person from the medical profession says this to me I’d already have The Spaniard down for a tip top private school with fees paid up front until it turns 18.

I’ve mentioned this before here, several times, but now I feel the need to rant!

It’s not as if I don’t know I’m 47 (just, was 46 when The Spaniard was ‘transferred’) and it’s not as if the battle (it really was a battle at times, the epic journey to just get pregnant in the first place) wasn’t hard enough due to my age …

I guess some people will say I’ve ‘tampered’ with nature and therefore can’t expect things to be plain sailing, I’m aware of that and I also know that I have to rest more, do less and take extra care. This has been a long journey and I want to do everything I can to help it come to a positive conclusion or new beginning in January 2012.

I went to hospital on Friday to pick up some more clexane and a new sharps bin (very this year’s look by the way), and the midwife was a little disturbed by my pretty purple and green tummy bruises and said, “ohhh, at Your age we have to be especially careful of blood clots and of bleeding” and rushed off to ask the doctor what to do about her geriatric charge … they came back and gave me instructions on being careful with the injections and said I can now do them 5cm all round my tummy button … I’m going to be the belle of the beach soon I can see it coming!!

For the first time in my life I feel cautious … odd for a dive in head first kind of person like me but I do feel cautious, not anxious, just cautious and protective. On a ‘normal’ day I’d be out in the sunshine at the ‘Big Weekend’ fair in the centre of Cambridge or waving a placard at the idots who have come to the city to march against the building of a new mosque, to shout and share their vitriol and hatred … but no I’m here at home having eaten grilled (on lemons – very tasty) plaice for lunch and had a mug full of home made fruit salad.

I feel a little as if I’m letting people down by now standing up for multi cultural Cambridge … especially with The Spaniard being a Spaniard and all … but it is also for The Spaniard that I know I have to lay low and take it easy.

And after all … at my age I probably wouldn’t be able to do much banner waving … what with the zimmer frame to push and all.

I know I’m older than the average pregnant person, but maybe that makes me more pragmatic and less willing to take risks which must be a good thing. Doesn’t stop me craving a large lake of red wine and a big huge piece of sushi tuna but hey I’ve never been great at self control so this is a good lesson.

My ‘training’  scan has been moved from Tuesday til Wednesday … the consultant wanted all the ‘high risk’ scans to be on the same day apparently. Am looking forward to it (in a cautious manner of course)

OK shutting up now… and off to follow the anti fascist march on Twitter seeing as I can’t be there myself.

Come along Spaniard… and maybe something else to eat.


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  1. July 13, 2011 4:56 am

    By jove, I think she’s got it!

    Not the “old” thing, which I will never ever accept. And certainly not from you…have you been brainwashed?? Not by the Spaniard I can guarantee it cos el embarazo is not treated in that way in Spain at any age. Es un bendicion.

    But this other thing, are you really taking it easy and not waving placards about?

    Please can I cheer?!!! Bring her more mugs of salad, pls, and take the weight of her tootsies.

    Now, now, now, I am relaxed and happy and …well, bloody delighted if it’s true!!!

    Con besitos, amiga


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