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Did I mention I’m old?

July 12, 2011

Last night I got home from work to find a letter from ‘Addenbrookes Hospital NHS Trust’ on the doorstep.

I opened it … read it … and just laughed out loud. Today I read it again and cried – alot … it kind of sums up the overwhelmingly negative attitude all the health bods seem to have to me being pregnant … tomorrow morning I see my own GP … maybe he’ll break the monopoly on gloom and at least say something positive.

The letter (addressed to my GP and copied to me) is half a side of A4 and comprises 4 paragraphs, and starts;

‘Issues are…’

‘Aged 47 ……. there is a higher risk of pre-eclampsia and growth restriction…. placental function’

‘Elizabeth is at higher risk for thrombosis because of her age’

‘At aged 47 there is a higher risk of an adverse outcome in … pregnancy…. in a 47 year old … the risk of emergency …’

Yours sincerely

Get my point … I feel almost guilty at having the audacity to even get pregnant (albeit that I was only 46 when it happened!!), and feel very unsupported really. Having given my mother soggy shoulders too much recently I called on my very good, and relatively new, friend Kathryn … she’s recently had a baby against all the odds .. and is a good supply of biscuits, common sense and humour. She also looks a bit like me too and sees the world from a similar perspective. She summoned me round, read the letter, laughed and fed me jaffa cakes … Ayurveda has totally gone out of the window… but it worked and it didn’t take long before I was smiling and discussing her handsome neighbour in true frivolous girlie gossip fashion.

I feel better now the world is more or less set to rights, or at least my small patch of it, but I do wish wish wish that just somewhere in the health world someone would say something cheery like “well done” or “well it’s not going to be easy but you’ve done well to get this far” or something … it’s hard keeping positive … thank goodness for friendship and Jaffa Cakes… and right now … frankly … bollocks to the medical profession. I’m proud of where I’ve got to, and if the sickness I felt yesterday and the very painful chest I have today, is anything to go by The Spaniard is doing ok … (and should have a tiny tongue by now … ) but I have my fingers and toes crossed for the scan tomorrow at 4pm that everything is ok and the little fellow has indeed grown and is thriving … I hope and pray.

Right … now for some lunch.

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  1. July 13, 2011 4:41 am

    No, no…tell us more about the neighbour!!

  2. July 13, 2011 4:49 am

    Oh, and if you want to know how I feel about the professional world’s approach to all of “us” right now, don’t read my blog. Do we count, telling you how goddamned proud we are of you, saying “well done” or just cheering heartily when we log back into your blog after a few days away and read this? And smile. With a little woot too ;o)

    Do you know how many people care, love you, wish you the best and are totally without any medical experience at all (apart from giving birth without any noticeable medical assistance for 8 months?!) Do they really deserve the credit for my two nearly being 18 when they only stepped in during the last 1 hr 50mins of their birth?!!

    You, oh Ellie Stoneley, are an inspiration to us all, and I will continue to be disappointed that you aren’t writing the book whilst you are keeping your feet up. Cos what else is there to do but write that book, honey?!!

    The challenge is on my Linkedin page and I really think it would give mi “nieto” el mejor chance in el mundo if that published book was in the cot on day 1!!

    Oh and hey, sore tits now is nothing, wait a while longer before you complain!


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