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Skipping and a jumping

July 13, 2011

well that’s what it looked like on the scan screen …

YES … not only was The Spaniard alive, it was hyperactive! I guess you would be protesting and wriggling if you were crushed between a full bladder and a student’s ultrasound measuring gubbins.

We got there – me nervous and anxious (after a good visit to lovely Dr Donovan this morning but still being told to take it day by day and to celebrate the miracle that it had happened at all) – and Roy jittery and making weird sound effect noises (what he does when he is concerned about something) … and were handed £5 to cover our expenses and told to sit and wait.

The large room had low lighting and curtained off areas where the student obstetricians were being taught by the patient midwives and overseen by the harassed looking doctors.

An annoyingly beautiful girl called Deana called us through (she turned out to be the trainee obstetrician who was scanning me) and I lay down … watched (rather disconcertingly) by a man in a suit who turned out to be the bloke who sold the machines to the hospital … and then Diana a very competent and kind midwife appeared. We had that horrible moment when they peer at the grainy speckly black and white image and you hold your breath waiting for the “and there’s the heartbeat” announcement … but it came and they turned the monitor round so I could sort of see.

The the most amazing thing … the little splodge of a few weeks back had grown not just arms and legs but hands … and fingers … and every part of it was moving. It was indeed skipping and a jumping … it’s heart (and mine) was most certainly thumpin’.

Arms and legs waving, kicking out, flailing … and it kept pushing up off the base of its little cave (my uterus) and bouncing up and slipping back down. As a consequence the poor student obstetrician couldn’t get a good picture at all and really struggled to measure The Spaniard. Our Spanish Dancer was variously 10 weeks large, 10 weeks 5 days … and then the midwife took over and measured it as 11 weeks 1 day – she didn’t say the actual size and I forgot to ask (which I’m a bit gutted about now – not that it really matters) – but I did look on the internet just now and the standard measure seems to be 45 – 47mm for 11 weeks 1 day … theoretically it is actually 11 weeks 4 days if you go from day of embryo transfer but that is by the by now.

It has a nose and ears and is basically a hyperactive little soul … no wonder I’ve been so tired … and also why I’ve lost weight … it’s over doubled in size in the last fortnight and developed limbs and features… quite miraculous.

I’m sure all this sounds very clichéd to all you experienced parents, but Roy was thrilled and I was quietly very pleased. It was hard to see the screen so I didn’t get the full benefit but seeing how gleeful Roy looked watching it all was amazing … and I could see the waving limbs and the jumping, bouncing, skipping little Spaniard.


and here is The Spaniard at 68 days old with me 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant!





So… HURRAH … and for me it’s a case of keep on keeping on with the resting and the resting and the resting … keeping on eating (as the nausea and occasional vomiting is worse when I’m tired or haven’t eaten for at least 10 mins!!) .. and walking – that makes me feel better … and working in front of the square flashing screen and not rushing about outside.

I still can’t quite believe it and as everyone says it’s each day at a time but for now HURRAH for The Spaniard .. what a miracle … what a hyperactive, bouncy little miracle.

Off to listen to the whole of Brown Eyed Girl now … it’s the song that’s been in my head since the scan finished.


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  1. July 14, 2011 6:12 pm

    O…….K………or d’acuerdo as you should say regularly now! Buenas noticias!!

    We need some traditional ‘dance’ music to celebrate this so and Junco, who you must play as he is infamous across Spain

    And of course, not dance music but awesome Spanish music from Triana

    We will educate this sprog into su cultura!!

  2. July 14, 2011 6:18 pm

    Thanks Lindsey … I shall have to go and hunt out a teach yourself Spanish book I think!!

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