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“it’s an active little soul”

July 21, 2011

It’s official …

The Spaniard is an “active little soul” … this morning’s scan went well … the high speed summary is:

Crown Rump Length 60.9m

Head circumference measurement 77.9mm

Gestational age (from conception) 12 weeks 6 days

from the measurement 12 weeks 4 days

therefore due date 27th / 29th January 2012.

The more waffly Ellie summary as follows:

Arrived in the faded pink waiting room at 9.10 … full of odd looking people (I know, I’m horrible – but they were) with a faint odour of smoke as a few of the ‘fathers to be’ seemed to have dashed in with their nicotine stained fingers and were sitting looking a bit bemused. Anyway … we waited and I drank cold water and then Sharon the lovely sonographer midwife who had scanned me at 51 days came out and called us through.

First thing she showed us was a very vigorous heart beat … and then everything from the butterfly shape of the two lobes of the brain from above, lots of fingers and toes, a stomach, an umbilical cord … a very bouncing busy looking Spaniard.

Quite amazing … as has happened each time, the relief I feel to see the heartbeat is so overwhelming that I find it hard to take in the detail but it did amuse me when she said, “it’s an active little soul”. Arms and legs waving and bouncing up and down in its dark little cavern she also said the Spaniard seems to like lying on its side.

The most amazing thing the scan showed was every little vertebrae of the tiny perfect looking spine. Just remarkable.

We chose not to have the nuchal scan and blood test … we’ve got this far and I know that having the amnio would put an already at risk pregnancy at further risk and to be honest I wouldn’t be able to “do anything about it” … but she said the nuchal fold was small which was a good sign … and that other tests we have will show abnormalities if there are any in due course.

She gave us a whole batch of pictures … and then we didn’t get charged for them … result!! They should have been £2 each but when I asked the lady said “on no charge has been written down … off you go”.

I have agreed to be a part of the POPS study (pregnancy outcome prediction) it means a few extra scans (in a carpeted smart area… free hot drinks … and free biscuits!!), blood tests (with special plasters – see below) and contributing a bit of the placenta after The Spaniard is born (I hope and pray) ..all this will help contribute to a study of over 5000 first time mothers to see if there are indicators that can help sign post ‘at risk’ pregnancies and identify any common themes …

I had to have a blood test (for which I was rewarded with a cup of hot chocolate and a pack of Jaffa cakes … and a very appealing plaster – see right – now much admired by visiting nephew from Hong Kong)

Next ‘official’ scan is the 20 week scan on 8th September – and then the 34 week scan on 14th December … all headed in the right direction but still feel that it is tempting fate to think so far ahead.

Seeing the consultants next week on 27th with a whole long list of questions and then the midwife in early August.

Still can’t quite believe this is all really happening .. and feels odd to have something about the size of a large lemon leaping around inside me and not able to feel a thing … but as long as the little Spaniard keeps on leaping I guess I will in due course.

So … for today Wooooo Hoooo

Off to meet a very long lost friend for lunch and then do some work and then take small nephew to the park (having eaten lots of the brownies he has just made).

Thank you for taking an interest … feel free to comment … laugh or whatever … you’re in this with me now!!

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  1. August 1, 2011 6:53 pm

    I am such a numbskull. You dropped 101 hints but I am so useless I missed them all. Nice to see the photos 😉

    Today’s relaxing music to ensure this Spaniard has as eclectic a music taste as poss

  2. August 1, 2011 6:59 pm

    why are you a numbskull??

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