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Creature of habit

July 25, 2011

Not being a terribly routine person myself (no, really I’m not!!) I’ve been surprised by how The Spaniard seems to be a creature of habit … or maybe how it has taken over my body rhythms and patterns:

If I don’t eat something within about 10 seconds of being awake I feel sick.

If I don’t eat something within 30 seconds of being awake, the area where The Spaniard is starts to ache.

If I spend too long sitting down it gets really grumpy … no I can’t ‘feel’ anything yet in the way of a moving butterfly or whatever it is the midwife describes the feeling as but my tummy just hurts and I feel all lumpy

If I don’t have a doze / lie down early afternoon I feel as if I’ve just walked from Lands End to John O Groats and had no sleep for a year

If I don’t have a walk – for at least 1 1/2 hours every day before about 4pm I feel very odd.

If I don’t drink at least 10 gallons of water a day I feel vile … and obviously then I have to stumble from bed to bathroom at least 3 times every night!!


All totally normal I’m sure.


Guess The Spaniard is training me in putting it first … and selfish me has been surprised at its control freak nature (like mother like Spaniard) …

It can boss me about all it likes … and I know (don’t I just, it’s still early days) … just over 13 weeks, lets hope this is just the beginning of a life time of it and one day I can rue the day I said that!

Maybe I’ll start to be organised and structured next!!


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