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August 1, 2011

Having sat around growing ever more listless in Cambridge over recent months the last few days have seen me finally escape the dreaming spires and bonds of the Fens for the big smoke and also a field in Warwickshire.

I went to an awards ceremony on Thursday evening at the Victoria and Albert museum in London … headed straight to the flat I was staying in and zonked … The Spaniard definitely doesn’t like trains I felt very queasy but a rest sorted it all out and I enjoyed a marvellous evening ‘out’.

It felt so good to be with other people, all togged up and to laugh so much and meet some truly inspiring new chaps.

Things that weren’t so good as far as being there and being pregnant were concerned:

– champagne everywhere … but none for me … drank gallons of fizzy water (even had a hangover next day: entirely undeserved!!). When I went into the beautiful courtyard and asked the handsome waiter with the tray of crystal glasses of champagne for some sparkling water he was so taken off guard he started and managed to send all the glass and champagne in the air … all over me … so at least I got to smell champagne all evening … and made a dramatic entrance!!

– the small canape jobbys … SIGH … tuna carpaccio, goats cheese wrapped in cucumber, rare steak on sticks… nothing I could have… but the food later was wonderful

– handmade chocolates and oodles of beautiful wine … well I did have a few chocolates but they were ‘strong’ so had to restrain myself from snatching the entire plateful.

– no coffee

but other than that all marvellous, and none of it mattered as The Spaniard’s survival and welfare is the only priority at the moment (but that tuna carpaccio did look wonderful) … and I slept late the next morning and enjoyed eating a vast pile of garlic bread with two friends before heading home to sleep… and then on Saturday …

A wedding in a field.

Simply magical. Drove there and rested in car before hand but just grinned from ear to ear for 8 hours of fun. Wonderful jazz, beautiful wedding, stunning bride (and mother of), tear jerking father of the bride speech and really scrumptious hallumi (hurrah for hallumi being pasteurized cheese) kebabs.

The funniest part of the day came when I had to sneak off to shoot up (ie have my tummy clexane injection), the Aunt and Uncle of the bride kindly lent me their room so I could do it in private without everyone thinking I was a heroine addict under a tree! I thought I’d ‘do’ my horrible revolting wax cyclogest pessary thing (see here if you really need to know more!!)  at that point too, so I could lie down afterwards BUT having failed to open it I asked Roy for his help and when he pulled the top two edges of the packaging apart there was a perfect arc of white liquid wax which flew out and hit me on the nose . As it dripped down my chin we decided that leaving my medicine bag in the car had been a bad plan as everything had melted!!

The Spaniard demanded we drove home from Warwickshire about 9pm and got particularly fractious about 5 miles outside Cambridge. Breaking the routine continues to be something it objects to vigorously.

Finally back home I slept and slept and slept … still felt shockingly exhausted yesterday and really did struggle to even manage a short walk. A totally debilitating form of tiredness.

Today all’s back to normal although it is very hot which I find tiring as well…

so – big huge adventures, the memory of which I shall cherish but am happy to be back in my quiet routine this week … oh and I have had an appointment through to go and see the Haematology Obstetrics consultant … maybe they’ll reduce my tummy injections, or up them, or something. Good to know they’re keeping an eye out on me … somewhere around 14 1/2 weeks now… with the little fellow today celebrating 87 days of existence.

Right then … time for a small snooze I think then a little more work and then a big long walk once it’s a bit less hot and muggy outside.

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  1. August 1, 2011 6:51 pm

    Gordon Bennett woman, take it GENTLY. Does this concept escape you completely?? Once it gets to February you can do what the hell you want, although you will find it’s not that simple 🙂

    Now, sit down and listen to this and chill

    • August 1, 2011 6:57 pm

      I have been Linds I promise … I got to London and slept for 2 hours before going to the awards thingy and had huge lie in the next day …. and during the wedding I lay down for an hour …

      as of now I have nothing else to do – and have not gone to Ireland to see my brother and his family (which is very sad) but am staying put in Cambridge.

      Thank you for nagging and caring … I often have your voice in my head if I do get the urge to do anything strenuous!! Great link… keep them coming x

  2. August 3, 2011 10:34 am

    Hope that I was one of the new chaps you had in mind, Ellie. Lovely to meet you at the V & A and your blog is really inspiring. All the best to you and the Spaniard.

    • August 3, 2011 2:52 pm

      Roger … were the chief new chap!!

      Thank you so much … am still going through your wonderful naming blog.. and being inspired by your prolific reviews : )

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