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Hospital Schmospital

August 2, 2011

Day took a slightly different turn from that planned.

Tummy started cramping and a little bit of red blood appeared … rang the MFAU (Maternal Foetal Assessment Unit) and they said to go straight round … lucky mother’s house is right next door.

Blood pressure lower than they would like, temperature a bit high but we heard The Spaniard’s heart beat (165 beats per minute and kicking well apparently – hurrah) and they think I have had a bit of a reaction to the cycolgest pessaries and somehow they have caused my cervix surface to get a bit damaged. So as far as The Spaniard was concerned all ok but as far as I’m concerned they’re monitoring me.

Back in the morning for my Haematology appointment and then after they check all my blood markers and my ‘risk’ and so on for clotting they will send me back down stairs to the MFAU again to check the heartbeat and so on again.

That’s probably why I slept so much last night.

Time for a gentle short walk – it’s terribly hot and humid here today – they said exercise was still important but revoked the license to swim – so that means walking.

Glad I’m not in Ireland with brother and mother and the boys, it would have been scary to be far from the hospital, and I’m fortunate to be so well monitored… one of the benefits of being pregnant “at your age” I guess.


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