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You have GOT to be kidding me

August 3, 2011

OK … sorry in advance BUT I need to go aaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and rant


Spent nearly 4 hours at the hospital this morning, and yes I do appreciate they are looking after me and yes I do know it’s all in an amazingly good cause BUT …

Haematologist: lovely chirpy bonkers Irish catholic (yes we discussed her life story) tells me I’m even higher risk than high risk of having a blood clot so had to have a gazillion more blood tests, urine tests and discussion as to potential issues… all pretty par for the course but then:


she tells me I have to wear surgical stockings … YES I KNOW … bloody surgical stockings from now until after The Spaniard is born … I said “you have GOT to kidding me”, she smiled and said well, you could question our expert opinion, and trotted off and spoke to the mighty consultant who reconfirmed the sentence.

I presumed it would be at night – but no … it’s during the day, sitting at computer, walking, driving, sitting at table, travelling etc


revolting bandage colour whitey cream surgical stockings … how will I wear flip flops? what about shorts? what about skirts? what about the heat?

I was coping with the revolting wax pessaries, with the horrible tummy injections and all the bruises (yes I still have to carry on with that – and possibly have the level upped or do it twice a day), and the fact that the wax pessaries are damaging my cervix lining … but this has pushed me over the edge.

I went down to the blood test unit and waited nearly an hour for 5 blood tests and then went back up to the Haematology clinic … while I was waiting I pondered if I’m being vain or silly. I mean I’ve done so much to get so far, what’s a pair of surgical stockings in the scheme of things. End decision was still aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, they are one thing too much.

So – after an epic morning I came back home with 2 months supply of clexane syringes loaded with tummy injections, 3 packets of soluble aspirin and an appointment for 11.30 am tomorrow to be measured up for surgical stockings.

Rang two friends who agreed with me (very satisfying and it made me laugh) and then one sensible one (thank you Kathryn) who said we could dye them different colours so they aren’t so grim … not a solution to the summer wardrobe crisis but at least something for winter!!

Anybody working in fashion and reading this, please immediately go out and create the new season’s look based around surgical stockings.

Thank you.

You know what I think … I reckon they (all the medical people) gather together and come up with more and more cunning plans on how to make me realise the error of my ways in becoming pregnant “at your age”.

I wonder what else they have in store now I can’t dye my hair, have sex, swim, travel, eat sushi and do have a purple and green bruised tummy, endless litres of wax in awkward places AND surgical stockings.

Humph … and yes I know (hope and pray) it’ll all be worth it in the end …


but right now HUMPH.

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    August 4, 2011 9:00 am

    You know what, it does suck. You really are having a very tough time with it and there are few things that can make it feel otherwise. But I can tell you this, it is all worthwhile. My son is now 9 months old and I would be lying if I said it was anything less than the greatest love affair of my life. And my husband feels the same!


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