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Surgical stockings part two!!

August 4, 2011

Had my fitting … all sorts of measurements taken (from both legs) … and the final outcome was that my doctor’s practise have ordered 3 pairs for me:

1 black with toes (for autumn and winter and evening dress!)

2 bandage coloured ones with no toes (so I can try and wear sandals / flip flops)

Apparently made to measure … couture don’t you know … none of this off the peg for me in the surgical stocking (Grade 2 British) department.

It was actually quite a jolly morning, the rain poured down outside and Shirley the cheerful nurse was all excited about The Spaniard and insisted on looking at all my scan photos which made me feel all proud and sentimental – which was a first. Not that I don’t feel proud, just that I hadn’t had anyone being quite so over the top excited before.

Come to think of it, while I’m on the subject of other people’s pregnancy related behaviour, I have also had my first ‘random tummy pat’ from someone … an old man in church last Sunday came over and said, “I hear you’re pregnant, that’s brave at your age” (sigh and grrrrrrrrr) and the proceeded to reach out and put the flat of his hand on my tummy and pat it … most odd.

After I’d punched him and generously picked him back up off the floor, no wait, that was just in my imagination… after I’d stared open mouthed at him and stepped backwards, I stumbled “yes, I am, thank you” and turned and fled.

Most odd but apparently something I may have to get used to (Spaniard willing).

Snooze time – all the stocking excitement has quite worn me out.

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  1. August 5, 2011 3:52 am

    Wait till the Spaniard is born. Then you will find how strange people are. Questions such as “Ooooh, twins, were they planned?” left me gobstruck. And customs panicking on finding a double headed baby (I’d put them top to toe in one Moses basket) and then going all gooey when I thought I was going to be nicked for abnormalities…..well, the odd pat is nowt hun. You wait!!

    When do we get photos of the stockings?!

    • August 5, 2011 11:36 am

      thanks Chris … I hadn’t realised you had twins too … must be something to do with Cumbria!!

      Stocking pictures will have to wait until they arrive in the next week or so, thankfully at the moment I’m still bare legged and footloose … these hand tailored garments have to be stitched and delivered from far away!!

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