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100 days and what a day!

August 14, 2011

Well now. Today marks a big huge milestone in mine and The Spaniard’s relationship… the little fellow is 100 days old … woo hoo … 100 days since sperm met egg in Alicante in a Spanish petri dish (hence it’s called The Spaniard) …

and 95 days since it was transferred into me. Looking, as you can see from the first photo I have of it, like a cross between a gecko and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

100 days ago we heard that the fertilisation had been successful and that a number of the eggs collected, following being injected with (washed!!) sperm – headfirst – had fertilized. We were standing in a square in Alicante beside some amazing Strangler Fig trees with huge ancient roots twirling as tall as me above the ground … it all felt very surreal. On the Monday when we were in La Villa Joyosa we found out how successfully the embryos were growing,  and on the Wednesday (11th May) the Grade A Spaniard was (very unceremoniously – but painlessly) transferred into my waiting womb!

And so our partnership began; The Spaniard and Me.

Happy 100 Days Little Soul : )
I started this post this morning … but my laptop crashed, so I walked the half mile to church and joined in with some rousing hymn or other feeling all was right with the world.

Then I started feeling very hot; fanned myself with newsletter sheet. Then I felt dizzy; sat down. The I felt hot and very dizzy: rested head on back of chair in front … then I blacked out.

I remember pouring sweat, hearing a rushing noise in my head and then someone talking about ambulances. Next thing I was in the children’s area in a back room with Jackie getting me to lie on my back with me feet in the air on a chair and some hassocks. Philip, my friend Hannah’s husband was there, and a long haired lovely man called Jonathan. Mummy was sitting on a chair and Roy was standing looking all bewildered by the wall. They wiped me with a wet tea towel, covered me up with a sheet (I weakly pointed out I looked like a corpse which oddly didn’t go down very well) and then Philip did that useful thing of zipping off and making a cup of sweet tea … a cliché but it did the trick.

It took almost an hour before I was able to sit up properly (and several biscuits) …

all very weird … Jackie is a high up physio at Addenbrookes and she was marvellous, “waggle your feet and wrists to get the blood circulation going” and so on … and everyone was very kind even though after the service Philip had to guard the door to stop me being swamped by love and old ladies.

I called the MFAU and spoke to Carl the male midwife … he said that fainting and dizziness are relatively common in the middle of pregnancy. Apparently I have lots more blood due to The Spaniard, and generally more fluid in my body which means it has further to travel round to get to my brain … and something about veins being thinner so takes longer to get the blood through – but I’m sure I’ve tangled that. Anyway the long and short was that it was normal, and also that the Clexane tummy injections to thin the blood and aspirin to protect the placenta (and also thin the blood) could have contributed. So I was sent home to eat, drink and rest.

Which I did.

Now over at Mummy’s house – she’s making cherry plum jam downstairs (in her coat) bless her in a very ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ kind of a way. Roy’s gone to the Garden Party we were both meant to be at with instructions to bring back cake and some good cheer (he’s been particularly moody this last week which has been very stressful although he says constantly he’s concerned for me and The Spaniard you’d never know it from the door slamming, storming off and general ill temper – ho hum) and I’m up here talking to you – and about to go and lie down again as you’ve totally worn me out!

So … all in all a very different post from the one I started this morning!

Can’t believe it’s been 100 days since The Spaniard’s ‘creation’ … it feels like forever and no time at all.

Not quite sure how long a pregnancy is but I think around 220 days so I guess we’re nearly 50% of the way there – against all the odds … and as long as this fainting nonsense is nothing sinister and stops causing such disruption to my days then I’m looking forward to the next 50% … today is also the official start of Week 16. I could apparently start feeling The Spaniard move anytime between now and Week 22.

I’ve to call the MFAU in an hour for an update, then see my GP tomorrow. I have a midwife appointment for Tuesday and then 3 big Consultant appointments next week. So I’m definitely being watched over though there are times I do feel a bit alone – it’s all very new and confusing this pregnancy lark…


woo hooo 100 days : ) and gosh I could do with some Spanish sea air and tapas today!

Thank you all for your patience and support and words of encouragement – hugely appreciated. Shutting up now and returning to the horizontal position (but not lying on my back as apparently that can cause problems too as the weight of Spaniard and housing presses on the parts that transport the blood further north and around my system!).

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  1. August 14, 2011 10:27 pm

    Many congratulations on the 100 days since conception. We have some Chinese friends who are as close as family and, when they had a baby boy, we followed the Chinese tradition of marking the 100 days after the birth. We went to a ceramics place and decorated a plate with his hand and foot prints and his name and birth date and then the plate was fired. Something for you to think of in a couple of hundred days.

    • August 14, 2011 10:57 pm

      Oh Roger what a lovely idea … and yes something to look forward to, most definitely. I’m sleeping in a bed at my mother’s house tonight underneath a wall full of odd bits and bobs including a plaster imprint of my hand aged 1 … made in California.

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