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100 days part 2 … that wasn’t in the plan

August 14, 2011

So … after we last spoke a few hours ago, I felt a bit dizzy again, rested and then went all hot again … took temperature … just under 100 (obviously!). When I rang the MFAU back they summoned me in …

4 hours later I’m back at mother’s absolutely jiggered but with the total seal of approval …

– The Spaniard’s heart is beating well

– my blood pressure was a bit all over the place

– ok level of oxygen in my blood

– my heart beat sounded a bit odd so

– ECG (sticky bits kept falling off) normal

End decision was (thankfully) not to keep me in over night but sent back to Mummy’s house  (4 minute walk from the maternity bit of the hospital) and told to rest.

Wheeled back by husband in hospital wheel chair, walked the last bit, got in, wolfed a vat of pasta pesto and a small salad mountain and now off to bed.

Funny old day… memorable mind!!

Glad all is well – with both of us, it was odd that they were more concerned for me than for The Spaniard – us old pregnant people are alot of trouble it seems.

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