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‘Changes in You’

August 18, 2011

Today’s heading in the wonderful book my friend Susannah lent me …

Having had the midwife tell me excitedly “your uterus is now showing above your pelvis” on Tuesday (which I have to confess left me blank), I have just read the following:

“You are getting bigger!

As your pregnancy advances, the top of your uterus becomes almost spherical. It increases more rapidly in length (upwards into your abdomen), than in width, so it becomes more oval than round. Your intestines are pushed upwards and to the sides. It will eventually reach almost to your liver.”

Funny how a bit of you that you’d never really considered before suddenly takes on new and mystical ‘spherical’ or was that ‘oval’ qualities!! I just feel sorry for my poor old intestines, so casually pushed aside after all their years of hard service.

This book is marvellous … published in 1989 it is sensible and also quite (unintentionally I think) funny at times and has THE most marvellous cover

I so want a white crochet dress like that!

It is in stark contrast with the ‘Bounty’ pack that the Govt via the NHS give out to every pregnant person, a plastic wallet full of adverts for Tesco and other nasty supermarkets and random baby stuff, and links to websites where equally scared and uninformed pregnant people scare each other with stories of near disaster.I so resent the idea of carrying my personal ‘hand held notes’ in a walking Advertising hoarding – needless to say I threw mine away and put all the paperwork in a seethrough plastic wallet.

Pah – Good old fashionned advice is what I have found far more reassuring, informative and sensible – and it has reflected all the medical advice as well.

Right – off for a ‘mini-break’ to the Forest of Dean til Sunday – driving down today, resting all afternoon, wedding tomorrow, more resting, having a walk on Saturday then bimbling back on Sunday … so looking forward to a change of scenery after weeks of Cambridge (and yes I know where the local maternity places are and yes I’m taking my pillow, all my drugs and my hand held notes with me!!).

The Spaniard’s first holiday – we are very excited (especially with proud new spherical uterus showing!).


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