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Names, trains & lung function tests

August 24, 2011

oh and an update on the creatures in the attic situation.

Infact let’s get that out of the way first. The man came; jolly, cheerful and full of assurances that he “loves animals” (that as a response to the fact that I did burst into tears when he mentioned poison). He squeezed up into the very full attic (how embarrassing) and called down “ohhh love” and informed me there was a nest (thankfully empty – the mother had taken her babies off to safety – HURRAH) and that there was a hole in the far corner of the attic (at the top of the ivy – which the furry chaps had been using as a ladder) where they’d been coming in.

He put some poison down (which did / does upset me alot) but spent a long time telling me that “in your condition” I shouldn’t be near rats / squirrels or other varmints. He’s coming back on Tuesday to check if anybody has taken it … apparently death is pretty much instantaneous … and then they ‘dry out’ so no smell or rotten creature …aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhggggggghhhhhhh … guilt … but thank goodness the mother had taken the babies away already.


Names – inspired by the musings of the very wonderful Roger Darlington around naming ‘What’s in a Name’,, I have begun to ponder names for The Spaniard as and when it does appear in the big wild world. When Roy and I were in Symonds Yat we had fun walking along the river bank and playing shadow games from the ricketty bridge and playing an alphabet game – starting at A (obviously) I chose a Boy name I liked, he did the same and then a girl name … and so on … we got a bit silly around U (couldn’t think of many U boy names other than Uriah) but it did throw up some interesting ideas and also forced discussion on a couple of names I’d long cherished which he loathed and a couple he liked which I dismissed out of hand …

Trains – yesterday I had to go to a funeral (in my new pregnancy dress … black and long). The father of one of the people I love most in the world died a week ago at the age of 93. He’d spent 50 years of his working life on the railways – primarily working on steam trains; stoking the fires, driving them and so on … there were over 400 people at the funeral and most of them steam train buffs. It was terribly sad but also wonderful to see so many people with a shared passion together. There were (before he died) 4 generations of ‘men’ in the family the most recent only born a few months back … this made me feel so proud to be pregnant and also so sad that Daddy isn’t alive to meet The Spaniard and share in the joy of this amazing experience …

It was a long funeral with wonderful hymns and after standing in the blustery rain at the graveside it was great to be able to stand and eat vast quantities of food at the ‘wake’ … and have the waitresses saying “oh go on have more, after all you’re eating for two”.

RIP Bill Last

Lung function tests – today I head over to hospital for a huge part of the day. First for my lung function tests (locked in a glass phone box and made to pant into a tube) to assess how much oxygen is coming in and out of my lungs .. my auto immune condition makes this an issue and with The Spaniard growing (hurrah) in an ever northward direction it means that my lungs will be increasingly squashed so they have to monitor them closely to ensure that I (and The Spaniard) get enough oxygen. Then after the tests, I’ll nip home to Mummy’s house, eat, and then walk back round to the hospital for my BIG appointment with Dr Patient and Dr Hall, my Obstetrician and my Rheumatologist Consultants. The Spaniard is now 17 1/2 weeks old (we hope) and they have to give me  more instruction as to what to do and when. They’ll take more blood, more urine and possibly stop the horrible cyclogest pessaries and the progesterone tablets (though I imagine this will be a gradual process as not sure it’s a cunning plan for The Spaniard to go cold turkey) … I may have a scan (fingers crossed) but it depends on the machine in the department being mended. If not then they’ll listen for the heartbeat.

I feel – as I always do before these appointments – terrified. What if The Spaniard has died? What if we can’t hear the heartbeat? and so on … prayers, hope, fingers crossed … everything as I get ready now for the day.

The big appointment is at 1.50 so a while to wait still (it only being 8.50am).

So – that’s what’s been happening in my world – hope all’s well in yours and I will update you later on how The Spaniard and I get on this afternoon.

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  1. August 24, 2011 11:22 am

    Hope and trust that all goes well this afternoon, Ellie.

    Meanwhile all the best with the naming game. If you want to know the meaning or origin or popularity of any name, just let me know. Ellie is currently 29 in the popularity stakes for newly born girls with Elizabeth at 49.

  2. August 25, 2011 5:18 am

    Ellie, if you choose a popular name, purely cos it is popular, I will spend my entire summer holiday, which starts NOW, considering alternatives for him/her in colloquial Spanish/Andaluz , and then posting them via my iphone from a muddy field (Solway Firth) to this blog over the coming days.

    Don’t you dare pick a popular name simply cos!!! Mi ahijado/a merece un nombre de valor.

    And in case you forget, it has to be dahdidah dahdidah Gradwell Stoneley to be a proper Spaniard. (father’s appellido, mother’s appellido)

    Thus, it will be a truly unique small fry. 😉

    • August 25, 2011 7:22 am

      Lindsey you should know better!!! I’m more likely to (and have already) rejected names just because they are on the popular list!!!

      Also have been looking up lots of relevant words in Spanish to see if anything leaps out!!! Maybe i’ll add a suggest a name section to the blog…

      Thanks my friend and have a fab tome at the festival x

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