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Kicking inside

September 16, 2011

I thought I felt something odd the other evening when I went to the cinema after hoovering a particularly large and scrumptious curry with Susannah. At the time I thought it was probably wind … which seems to be an ongoing issue with this pregnancy, (sorry to report …) not smelly but often loud (sorry again!!).

Anyway, where was I? Yes, I thought I felt something odd then just below my tummy button … but put it down to happiness, excitement, curry and air.

Well, it would seem that I was wrong. I’ve felt it a few times since; not butterfly feelings, not bubbles which seem to be how must books, magazines websites describe the first sensations of a baby moving inside. Butterflies, I ask you? How on earth would a person know what it feels like to have a butterfly flitting about inside … probably nothing as they are so small … but by the by. To me it felt like when your tummy unwinds (as in clock, as opposed to un-winds as in point made earlier about loud wind), you know that kind of curly feeling … or when you see pictures of gloopy mud boiling up from the ground in those New Zealand hot springs. That kind of thing … maybe a strong ripple … or more the sense you’ve swallowed a substantial drunken mouse and it’s dancing on a trampoline.

So … there we are! Wooo Hooo and hurrah. A major milestone achieved. Somewhere between week 20 and week 21 (which starts today) I first felt The Spaniard moving … dancing a dramatic dazzling flamenco.

All very odd but somehow endearing. I almost feel like a normal pregnant person instead of a crazy one.

Just to reassure you, that I am still bonkers, you’ll be pleased to know that on this morning’s walk, while chatting away to The Spaniard and discussing names with it, I came up with names that involved 8 names for a girl and 7 for a boy. Which got me to thinking and agreeing with a friend who suggested using lots of names and arranging them so they all spelt another name – which was actually the name we use! I’d forgotten most of them by the end of the walk but something else to consider!!

I’m spending the weekend digging through the spare room to try to carve out a small hole that can be the start of a home outside of me for The Spaniard (a nursery as it’s traditionally called)… and if that proves impossible, at least clearing out a bottom drawer for it to live in until it’s a teenager.

See – told you I was still bonkers. Right then – back to work updating a website for a client, then a bath and then chairing a local meeting about my favourite green space in Cambridge, Stourbridge Common … the Mayor of Cambridge is coming so best I pull my rambly self together.

Oh … and as if to reinforce that, the funny movement feeling just happened again. Seriously odd and slightly alarming that it’s keeping me in order so determinedly!

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