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September 21, 2011

Yup – married for 3 years

not been the easiest 3 years – for either of us (trouble with getting married when you’re old and set in  your ways!) … however, we’ve made it this far and are thrilled to bits to be expecting The small Spaniard in January.

We escaped for a few hours to Brancaster – a beach near Cambridge (travel ban permitted travel in own car with husband driving) and walked on the biggest most beautiful beach in the world, sat and watched seals play in the salt marsh creaks and generally enjoyed some time away… no sunshine, a little drizzle, a lot of blustery breeze … a perfect September day on the beach (though I’m glad the weather was better 3 years ago). It felt good waddling up and down the empty beach tummy sticking out proudly with all the seagulls and oyster catchers thinking, ‘what’s that daft bint doing wearing a tiara on the beach?’

Took The Spaniard to supper in the Jolly Sailors (best fish and chips in North Norfolk) and generally had a peaceful happy afternoon. I wore my wedding tiara all day … always seems so sad when these things only ever get one outing … no chance of fitting into my dress 3 years on and full of a small, fast growing Spaniard and the pretty silk shoes would have sunk in the sand. I think I looked like a veritable Princess … what do you reckon!! This picture makes me chuckle … it was raining, my phone camera kept fogging up and Roy was having to reach out to try to take it … and those touch screen phones don’t like drizzle and large fingers!!

Tiara on, windswept and ready for anything!

Really tired today and been busy working away in front of my square friend the computer … I think The Spaniard likes being awake and doing Spanish dances or fighting imaginary bulls at 3am for about an hour (sign of things to come …?) as I always seem to have to get up, dash to the loo and then fail dismally to get back to sleep again for at least an hour.

Anyway – all par for the course I guess … had a huge walk and set the world to rights with a friend first thing (she told me to ignore all advice – apart from hers obviously), she gave me a tiny weeny premature nappy (her first-born was very premature and she still has a tiny pack of these small nappies) to keep in the glove compartment incase The Spaniard decides to come early – it better hadn’t ….

Right … time to head home and make sure the tiara is put safely away … it was fun wearing it! Maybe for the Caesarian??

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