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22 weeks today

September 23, 2011

and apparently that means that The Spaniard currently weighs about 1lb and is about 18 1/2 cm long (from head to bottom) … and there was me thinking I was expanding due to the small food mountain I’ve been consuming on a daily basis!

According to the books I’ve been lent, the little soul should also now have eyebrows, hair, eyelashes and finger nails … and have taste buds (note to self to eat more curry so it gets used to it) …  also according to this very useful website it can now hear me talking and singing to … poor little soul will have been subjected to me singing Rhinestone Cowboy very loudly last night … and Coward of the County … oh and Don’t You Make my Brown Eyes Blue!! I imagine it will have had its hands over its ears … or maybe it was bobbing along in time with my tuneless yodeling.

I feel fine – just very tired all the time partly due to being awake at night dashing from bed to bathroom and back and I guess partly due to the increase in blood circulation and so on. I still have to take aspirin every day and folic acid and am continuing with my horrible clexane injections in my tummy … I wear my surgical stockings with pride and am just about at the stage where I can no longer do things up under The Spaniard … the funny pair of pregnancy trousers I bought pull right up as far as my chin!!

I do however have swollen ankles now … which really aren’t a good look! I spend ages rotating my ankles and sitting with feet up and find it very hard to remove the sexy support stockings at the end of each day.

Beautifully decorated purple and green tummy

Really apart from my multicoloured and bruised tummy, (I hate those injections) and the puffy ankles and the constant need for a snooze I’m absolutely fine. Haven’t felt The Spaniard move as much as I thought I might but from time to time there is a minor earthquake and my tummy changes shape so I have to hope and pray all is good and the little person is practising for the world tumbling championships (weirdly as I type there is all sorts of odd movement going on)!!!

I’ve had lots of lovely offers from friends over the last week or two saying they have various baby ‘bits’ available that their small offspring have grown out of … which is wonderful … at this rate I shan’t have to buy anything at all new, which is handy given the price of nappies (I know I know I should – and will – try the washable ones as well as disposable ones but figure that to start with at least disposable will be easier while I get my head around the whole thing) and the fragile state of my bank account.

So – all offers of random objects for babies gratefully received (as are all offers of babysitters, cups of hot water, slices of chocolate cake and large curries).

I do feel brave talking in such a confident way … still a while to go and lots of rest to be had and growing to be done. 24 weeks is my next milestone to aim for … and beyond that the playing fields of Eton (oh ok just kidding).

Still can’t quite believe that in 3 months (apparently 22 weeks heralds entry into the 6th month of pregnancy – rather oddly) I might have a small baby directing my life.


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  1. September 24, 2011 12:12 am

    Darling Ellie, now it is “official” I have started to knit. Much love and many many hugs for you both (need to start practising saying you three now) Tracey xxxxx

    • September 24, 2011 7:05 pm

      Oh that is so so exciting … thank you … and how wonderful : )

      I love the fact of someone making something specially for The Spaniard … lets just hope and pray the little soul hangs on in there and emerges and can in due course give you a thank you hug in person … or at least a gurgle or something!! Huge big hug my friend and thank you – I feel overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness xxx

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