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Dream a little dream

September 26, 2011

I’d read that pregnant people are prone to dreaming alot … not just day dreaming but nights of wild and peculiar happenings leaving you euphoric, confused or in a cold sweat.

Over the last few months I’ve had some very vivid dreams … convinced I’ve had conversations with colleagues, nervous of seeing people again incase they remember that all my clothes fell off in meetings, bathing in a large tub of ice cream and so on. Some of the dreams scary and some really quite saucy …

Until this weekend the most distressing of the dreams involved swimming alongside a small boat in clear clear blue sea with my small nephews when all of a sudden a huge killer whale swam vertically up and swallowed one of them whole and I could hear him calling me from inside the whale and was hitting it and calling out to him.

Then yesterday morning having had a fairly restless night I had a long and oddly vivid dream about having a very torrid affair with former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott … all sorts of detail that I really shouldn’t know about … very peculiar!. I woke up all anxious and a little over excited and had to triple check it was Roy in the bed and not Lord Prescott.

I told Mother about the dream during a quiet moment of reflection in church later in the morning and she looked a bit shocked, then burst out laughing (bad us) and said, “well I suppose they’re about the same size” … something Roy didn’t look too convinced of when I told him about the dream last night!!!

No idea where it came from or why or what it means … but I did go to bed in trepidation last night wondering where my mushed up brain would be taking me next. Nowhere … I had a heavy and dreamless sleep!!

All very strange!!

Anyway – on with the week – I’ve now tidied 3 kitchen cupboards, 4 bedroom drawers and a small dresser in the sitting room … the spare room is on the cards for the evenings of this week though I am slightly concerned that there may be a whole flock of house spiders living in there who will attack at the thought that their paradise of chaos is about to be purged… maybe I should just brick the door up and abandon all thoughts of a nursery!!

Seeing the blood consultant on Wednesday to try to get a better balance with the vile tummy injections as my tummy isn’t just purple and green it is now yellow and black too and the injections are getting increasingly hard to push through the skin.

We shall see … in the meantime I shall not watch any coverage of the Labour party conference incase I see Lord Prescott and it makes me blush!!

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  1. Nicky Getgood permalink
    September 27, 2011 4:17 pm

    Oh my GOD.

    • September 28, 2011 1:06 pm

      I know!!! Still at least it wasn’t Michael Gove … that would have ensured I never go to sleep again!!


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