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September 28, 2011

Well if it’s not one thing it’s another …

I woke up early after a (relatively – don’t ask) dreamless sleep and peered out into the most glorious morning. So decided to have an early walk before it got too hot (us sensible mother types are grown up like that) … wonderful autumn colours, breakfast of fresh dewy blackberries and all absolutely right with the world.

I smiled cheerfully at a few dog walkers – all of whom continue to look confused as I am walking with no dog which apparently is an odd thing to do. I could explain that I have a small Spaniard but that would only confuse them (which reminds me, mother has taken to calling The Spaniard ‘the spaniel’ which is becoming annoying – and endearing – at the same time).

Got home, had bath and bimbled round to the hospital for my haematology appointment with the consistently cheerful Tracey (I think that is her name) … the good news is that all my bloods are fine, the surgical stockings are doing their thing well, the blood in the urine is nothing to bother about as virtually negligible, and even the level of vile bruising I have from the injections is apparently normal too, though she did suggest that I take the injections round to the side and if it is hard for me to reach that I ask my husband to do it … which I’m not sure about at all. Anyway … all medically good there … she was just about to close my folder and then saw the results of the swab I’d had the other week when they were testing me for leaking waters and said, “Oh, but you do have vaginal strep”, and smiled cheerfully. She said she didn’t really know much about the implications but that it was something and nothing for me but could, she thought, cause the baby to be born with meningitis. I asked if she could listen to The Spaniard’s heartbeat just to reassure me all was fine – she said no but to nip into The Rosie seeing as I was in the hospital anyway.

I gave her a hug (seemed the right thing to do somehow) and trotted down the stairs to get round to The Rosie pondering the dubious sounding new label that I’d acquired … a very dear friend of mine from Oslo died of a streptoccial infection last year and another friend was paralysed briefly and is still mobility impaired so I know it’s something to take seriously.

I went to see the lovely people in the MFAU who looked a little surprised that the Haematologist had thrown me to their mercy without telling them but took me into a curtained off cubical and got the listeny thing … hurrah hurrah … there was the steady insistent barking, the high-speed steam train that is the sound of The Spaniard’s heartbeat … set against the low rhythmic thud thud thud that was my heart beat. So that – as ever – was a relief, and very odd to hear.

I thought, as I was there, that I may as well ask about the ‘strep’ … that made the midwife look all concerned and close the curtains of my cubical and sit me down on the chair. She said that there is nothing to be done to treat it as it can come and go … that many people have it … just a small random micro organism or bacteria that pops up in a third of all people’s bladders and nether parts for no apparent reason. It poses no threat to me but does pose a threat to The Spaniard – particularly at the point where it’s born – of death, septicaemia, pneumonia or meningitis … so they will put me on IV antibiotics the second I go into Labour (if it comes early ) or at the point where they do the Caesarian. They then have to monitor the baby for ‘shrill cry, moaning cry or being whimpery’ … and if necessary treat with the same IV antibiotics. Most are treated successfully, some ‘survivors’ may suffer long-term problems and a small number of babies die.

She thrust a pink pamphlet into my hand and sent me on my way.

There’s no point in worrying I guess, as there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, but if waters break, leak etc or labour starts I have to start shrieking for IV antibiotics asap. Remind me won’t you if I forget.

I have a smart yellow sticker on my ‘hand held notes’ now … another label to add to ‘geriatric’, ‘valuable’, high risk and so on … thankfully it only says ‘GroupBStrep’ and not as she so cheerfully put it (and pronounce if you will with a J instead of the G and in as opposed to ine… ie vaJINal) ‘vaginal strep’.

I could officially do with a very large drink … maybe a margarita … or a mojito … or a great big glass of chilled white wine… sigh!!

Fizzy water then … ho hum… ahh well at least it’s sunny outside and I have a whole month’s supply of tummy injections … what do I have to grumble about?

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  1. September 28, 2011 5:22 pm

    Oh I found a very useful and helpful leaflet about all this … bit more info than the pink NHS one …

    incase you’re interested

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