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Grumbly ouch, a bit of a winge

October 3, 2011

We’ve had THE most glorious weather here … marvellous Indian Summer marking the start of the usually bleak & blustery English Autumn.

This is great – although it does provide a distraction from the all important tidy up that has begun at home. It is also doubly great if you don’t have hairy legs encased in surgical stockings … hot and uncomfortable and horrible. I know they are doing me good but in this wonderful weather it really isn’t a good look or an easy one to wear.

Still, I wear them with pride hopeful that they are helping The Spaniard and I along our way, although I did feel a total pillock yesterday afternoon sitting by the river, everyone around me in sassy shorts and swimming costumes, with my feet poking out of the end of my stockings!!! What do you reckon?

While I’m in a grumbly mood I think it’s important to note that pregnancy – notably in the 23rd week – hurts. People don’t often put that in books, they are busy talking about glowing and feelings of butterflies; well my skin does look good at the moment, and apart from all the grey growing through, my hair is thick and shiny… BUT … it hurts, I’m sore and uncomfortable very often.

Last night I had a curry – a treat – hurrah – shakoothi chicken … yum … I ate a bit too much probably in my enjoyment. Could I sleep afterwards, nope, not a wink … spent the night tossing and turning and feeling as if I was about to explode. Not from the heat of the curry – I have consistently eaten chills and hot spices throughout the pregnancy and have never been bothered by heartburn or anything, it was more because I ate too much I guess (didn’t feel like too much at the time mind you!). So – no sleep and impossible to get comfortable.

I have read in several places that you shouldn’t sleep on your back as some vein or other gets squashed by the baby and your uterus, also that sleeping on your right side isn’t great – so best to sleep on your left side … trouble with that is during the night I end up rolling almost on top of The Spaniard after a while and waking up convinced I’m squashing the little soul.

I spent Saturday cleaning and de-cluttering the bathroom (5 bin bags of old jars of cream and soap and hotel bottles of shampoo and so on disposed of), bath scrubbed and loo cleaned .. that gave me cramp, and made The Spaniard sulk … it stopped moving about so much (thankfully back to normal self today) and it also made my tummy hurt really badly at the sides.

Early on I had ’round ligament pain’ as the ligaments and muscles holding my uterus in place started to stretch and grow, now if I turn to reverse park the car I get huge paid as The Spaniard scampers across my insides to offset the turning movement. I have also read that a woman’s rib cage rises up 5cm during pregnancy and that lower ribs move further apart to compensate for the small invader …

So, things to note that are apparently normal but not published anywhere:

1 – sleeping is tricky (and sure will get more so … maybe good practise!!) and often painful

2 – cleaning causes pain (a good reason to avoid it)

3 – eating too much causes discomfort and pain

4 – wind (trapped) causes pain … and wind (released) causes embarrassment

5 – reverse parking makes you hurt

6 – pregnancy makes you snore and makes you prone to nosebleeds

and so on and so forth … told you I was grumpy. I blame the surgical stockings!

Walking is wonderful, for me at least, every morning and every evening for an hour, The Spaniard and I go for a march … it seems to settle with the rhythm of my movement and any aches and pains I have just go. There are many times when I feel like I can’t be bothered but I am unusually strict with myself and stick to this routine as it really seems to have worked.

While I’m in a grumbly mood I also wanted to note – with sadness – that my doctor has left the surgery … a wonderful man, he’s heading to Africa to expand a health charity he runs in the Niger Delta, so I can’t begrudge him that, but I shall miss his generosity, his kindness, his empathy, his ability to provide tissues at a moment’s notice and his healing. He played a huge part in getting me / us on this journey and has been hugely supportive throughout. So great big thank you to Dr Donovan … and if you do have the urge to support a very good cause do have a look at his charity New Foundations.

Right then … blog therapy has helped again … looking at his charity website has made me realise how lucky I am with my constant care and my surgical stockings … back at the hospital tomorrow for a placental scan to check that it is working properly, in the right place and so on, and to be told the arrival date of The Spaniard in January and my unzipping (please please hope and pray we get there).

I sit here typing away looking out at a blue blue sky and in dire need of a bath to soothe the ache in my tummy, due to recent expansion I look resplendent in a pair of my mother’s ‘big pants’, a vest top and my surgical stockings as my trousers were too tight!

Just thought I’d leave you with that wonderful vision!! .. and yes my vest top is tucked into my knickers…

Blooming? Blooming lovely me!!

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  1. Amy permalink
    October 7, 2011 12:11 am

    Sounds like you’re getting very good at listening to what you and the Spaniard need. The walks sound gorgeous – when I’m back from the Peaks, let’s go for one together. Just tell me when to be at RC Lane and I’ll have my walking shoes on!

    Keep on keeping on Mama. Lots of love and hugs.

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