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“Oh baby”

October 4, 2011
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“Will you stop moving so I can measure you!”, said the doctor as she wielded the scanning device trying to get an accurate measurement around it’s middle.

Yes the scan today went well … as always a huge huge huge relief after a morning of wondering.

We wandered round to the hospital with mother and sat and waited in a drab grey room with other people of various different levels of roundness. It amuses me to see the different ways people react to going for a scan … you get those who are petrified (like me), those who look totally bored by the whole experience and those who are champing at the bit to rush into the room and see the grainy images … and then the husbands / blokes / partners / other halves / supportive friend or family member. Generally they look either non plussed or distracted.

Anyway, in the corner of the room was a large wheely bin with FREE FOR MUMS TO BE written on the side. I went to investigate. It was full to the brim with plastic bags all with Bounty (no not chocolate) branding all over them. It does annoy me that Bounty seem to have been so singled out to be thrust upon pregnant persons so continually. Anyway – I picked up a bag to look at later and left Mummy sitting holding the ‘Mum-to-be Pack’ (gosh that must have confused the midwives who walked past her) when I was called in to the scanning room.

Dr Patient conducted the scan this time, calling out the measurements to the midwife who sat at a computer entering them all. Mummy was allowed in to watch and we all sat there amazed, again, by quite how active The Spaniard is. After the initial worry that it might not be alive it is always such a huge relief to see the heart beating and the small (not tiny now) hands waving and legs kicking out. She really struggled to get a clear measure round its head and tummy as it just kept up the flamenco dancing. The Spaniard is / was head down facing forward (ie out from my tummy rather than inwards) with little fists flayling and constant twists and turns. “Stop moving baby”, “Keep still baby”, it was admonished as we tried to pick out features. It kept it’s face turned away from the camera, and we nearly saw the sex before Dr Patient asked if I wanted to know. I said NO and she told Mother and I to turn away. Apparently more than half of first time mother’s do want to know … I don’t (even though I do wonder constantly).

Anyway – she then measured my blood flow via the placenta, the umbilical cord and all sorts of other bits and bobs … again when she pushed the scanny device hard against the skin above my tummy button the foot kicked out … the time so fast the photo looks like a bear paw.

Perfectly formed Spaniard 23 weeks 4 days

A bear like paw or a fast moving foot

Shy Spaniard crossing its hands infront of its face

The most endearing thing The Spaniard did was grab hold of its foot at a couple of points, and it kept crossing its hands infront of its face. I really enjoyed seeing that. I still have no real sense that it is inside me … the images on the screen feel very disassociated with my large tummy and the fact that I can’t feel it move all the time when it clearly is going in for some wild and uninhibited Latin dance challenge in there is very odd.

So … that is the latest news on The Spaniard … at 23 weeks and 4 days everything is normal; it’s tummy circumference, it’s thigh bone measurement, its movement, my placenta blood flow and so on. The head is still smaller than ‘average’ but its growth rate is even and Dr Patient kept on saying, “I’m happy with that”. Yoikes it’s all getting a bit more real now.

Apparently the whole Strep B thing isn’t such a cause for concern as I’m having a caesarian so its less likely to pick it up on its way out as it will be unzipped and hoiked out through a sky light rather than using the trap door. She said to keep on with my walks, keep on the same regime and keep on avoiding yummy blue cheese, and “If you eat meat then incinerate it”.

Other than that I see her again in a fortnight, the midwife next week and have another 3 scans scheduled between now and mid December.

We headed home to have a cup of hot water (yum) and reflect on the scan and the wriggling little Spaniard inside me, and of course to open the free Bounty bag (apparently pack 2 of 5 … don’t know what happened to pack 1).

Inside it was 1 small nappy, 1 tiny tub of Sudafed cream, 1 dettol hand scrub, 2 washing machine tablets (???), a discount photo book voucher and a vast pile of advertising fliers (all of which went in the bin) … oh and a very exciting little brochure trying to convince you of the need for all sorts of frightening looking bits of equipment. I’ll leave you with the one that amused me the most … I know at some point I’ll have to express milk (assuming all continues well), but I can’t believe that I shall be purchasing one of these contraptions!!! Unless of course I want to go on stage and twirl them for money … oh come on it does look a bit like a basque with twirly bits!!

You have GOT to be kidding me

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  1. MandaB permalink
    October 4, 2011 10:19 pm

    Still swear by sudofed 19 years later! And no – the amended basque thingy isn’t recommended – even in pink! xxx

  2. Joan Lawton permalink
    October 6, 2011 12:21 pm

    Love the scans, the spaniard looks beautiful , not sure about the expressing milk gadget, think baby will do a far better job, see you soon lots of Love Joan and Neill

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