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Legal and lace

October 7, 2011

An odd milestone to celebrate but one that has come to mean a lot to me … about now I’m entering the 24th week of pregnancy … which means that The Spaniard is no longer considered a fetus but a legally viable baby with rights and everything.

If anything had happened to the little soul before now, as I understand it, it didn’t have to be registered, in fact I’m  not sure you could register it as having ‘existed’ at all… other than in your own medical records.

At 24 weeks the fetus becomes officially a viable baby and if anything (God forbid) happens from here on in the little soul would be named and registered (and possibly even christened).

So … aside from all the sad reason for being pleased to have got this far a great big HURRAH …

The Spaniard is a baby … an official unborn baby … due in January 2012 … and I’m officially well into my 6th month of pregnancy. (This website is quite interesting on weeks & months)

The Spaniard seems to know it’s a milestone kind of day … it’s been bouncing about all day making me feel totally exhausted after a night of rehearsing its Olympic gymnastic routine … all in all I’m not quite all there.

My christening gown

However, Mother and I had a happy time going through a raft of stuff she had bought down from the attic which included my old cradle, lots of my baby clothes and my christening gown. I was christened in the summer in a much hotter place than Cambridge!

Wonderful to see the detail, the embroidery on something 47 years old .. hasn’t faded or gone yellow … and who knows maybe if all goes well The Spaniard will be Christened in it too.

We dug further through the box of stuff and found lovely blankets and a tiny lace trimmed bonnet which I apparently wore … all perfectly white and with marvellous detail. Very different to the jolly mass-produced baby things that look as if they will fall to bits in seconds.

As we explored right to the bottom of the box we found my father’s christening gown … that is over 80 years old and also in perfect condition. Daddy’s gown is very long with stunning applique and beautiful lace. It was really very special to go through all of this with Mummy today.

I also decided that as January is creeping ever closer it was time to go and buy a bag of nappies … HOW MUCH?????? and some other small baby bits … just incase and to spread the cost about. I hope to start using the washable ones after a while but I think while I’m recovering from a Caesarian it will be easier to use the disposable ones – though I do feel guilty about the pollution and horrified at the cost!!

So … that’s the news from my world … The Spaniard is officially a baby and now has a small stash of nappies and baby wipes awaiting its arrival… and two Christening gowns to choose from.

My father's christening gown

Post Script
A sad post script to the day was that mummy’s dear friend Alice (or Athos as I referred to her in an earlier post about the importance of friendship)
died this morning after a long and nasty squabble with breast cancer. She’s someone I’ve known since I was about 8 and the gang of three that she formed a third of was a very special part of my childhood and growing up … so I send my love, prayers and thoughts to Peter, to Margery and to Wilfred – and to Rosemary and Mummy the two remaining musketeers.
RIP Alice.

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  1. Mary Holleman permalink
    October 7, 2011 5:58 pm

    Life does seem to be a never-ending series of contrasts, the lows making the wise among us ever more appreciative of the highs. My heart goes out to you and your Mum. I’ve watched my mom lose more dear and treasured family friends than one should have to and fully understand what the two of you must be feeling. At the same time, I’m certain her friends, probably like Alice, would want you to celebrate The Spaniard’s continued progression to arrival. m

    • October 7, 2011 9:27 pm

      That’s so true Mary… Thank you… Sending a big hug across the miles to you x

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