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Awake asleep AWAKE

October 13, 2011

I was getting used to The Spaniard’s game of rugby or reinterpretation of Swan Lake in the middle of the night. To start with it woke me up every time it scored a try or danced a pirouette and then gradually the merry bouncing just sent me further to sleep or just caused me to drift in and out of wakefulness. Patiently in a Mumsy fashion I thought proudly, “That’s my Spaniard!” and patted my tummy. I was getting used to being tired, thinking it was good training for the day (I hope and pray) that The Spaniard is here in person.

Well last night was different … I had the 1.30 wake up and dash to the loo, I had a 2.30 I need to change sides and the 3.30 “Yoikes, I’m on my tummy, quick roll over back onto my side”. Then at 4.15am I woke up in absolute agony. Not crampy pains, nothing at the front but the base of my spine and all round the top of my bottom. At 6.30 or so I finally fell back to sleep … sigh.

Apparently when you are pregnant you bones move; your pelvis tilts, your ribs move up 5cm (t’ain’t natural) and your spinal disc get looser or something as to all your joints … preparing for birth and making space for the alien invader who demands more and more space. So I guess it was just that coupled with The Spaniard’s night-time rampage… but it took a good two hours to ease and settle. Husband came good and rubbed and massaged the area until the call of his Sudoku book and new fancy phone became more exciting but it helped considerably and I walked around and swang my arms and had a piece of restorative peanut butter on toast and a mug of hot milk.

I suppose all the extra weight of amniotic fluid, Spaniard, placenta and so on put a strain on your body, and sitting down working all day yesterday and only having one walk perhaps wasn’t a cunning plan.

Anyway – all easier today and having walk with my physiotherapist friend at lunchtime, so will pick her brains for ideas on how to strengthen muscles and ease aches and then seeing the GP this evening as well so maybe she’ll have some suggestions too.

All part of the big adventure, and The Spaniard is on fine form this morning performing, I think, in the rhythmic gymnastics final or at least rehearsing for it.

And me, well I’m a bit sleepy today and not looking quite as “glowing” as I have been observed to be from time to time of late.

Ahh Well … but I have discovered a pair men’s braces (thank you Eric) in the big tidy up which means my old trousers can still be worn (undone at the waist) underneath my large baggy tops from India … so there’s another positive thing and adds to the overall ‘individual’ glamour of my look!

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