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Relieved and a bit wiped out

October 15, 2011

Well … the whole hospital thing was rather trying…

as soon as I arrived there I was told off (very told off) for not having my “hand held notes” with me … every pregnant person has a folder that you are meant to take everywhere with you incase of emergencies – mine were at home. They had all my records there anyway but I did have my wrists slapped for a good 5 minutes before anyone would do anything.

One they’d calmed down I was sent to a curtained off bed and told to lie down while they took blood pressure (normal), temperature (low), pulse (just right) and finally got the listeny thing out to try to hear The Spaniard’s heart beat … took a few seconds but then – huge relief – there is was thumping away at around 140 beats per minute. Urine test came back normal (oddly for the first time since I’ve been pregnant – all the other times there have been traces of blood present). I was then interrogated as to how I fell, why I fell and so on and told to rest while we waited (and waited and waited) for the doctor.

Eventually a nice young doctor appeared, however by then I was spark out fast asleep with no idea of what time it was, so was very muddled when talking to her. She (and sorry about this – graphic bit alert) asked to see my knickers to check there was no blood or weird fluid (there wasn’t – other than the usual horrible pregnancy discharge … I did warn you about the graphic bit). She felt my tummy, measured The Spaniard with a yellow tape measure and then said they were going to admit me. I went back to sleep and eventually she reappeared saying there were no beds available and was it true my mother lives right next to the hospital – I told here yes, they all wandered off and then came back saying there was a bed in the A&E part but I pointed out that Mother’s house is actually nearer to The Rosie than A&E so they sent me carefully home with all sorts of instructions and emergency phone numbers.

Back there late and slept very fitfully … saw the doctor this morning. They said to ‘take it easy’ for next 24 hours (ie not go jogging or lifting things) and gave me a list of symptoms to look out for. Also gave me my flu jab.

Slept after that and now pondering a gentle walk (on flat ground in sensible shoes) and another doze before another doze before a bath and seeing some friends for supper this evening before a big (I hope) sleep tonight.

Tummy very painful down left side where I landed … poor little Spaniard must have been hurled to the right like a shooting star … it has been very quiet today … but the odd movement. I think it must be a little shell-shocked and hope it goes back to its dancing self soon and really is ok.

Odd how something like that really knocks your confidence. The cliché is all about how quickly things can happen, it really is true.

Back for another check on Monday and doctor phoning as well so good they taking care of me and in meantime anything at all untoward has me marching straight back to the MFAU (well walking gingerly) … and note to self, I must find my hand-held notes, I don’t want to be told off again.

What a 24 hours!

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  1. October 15, 2011 9:44 pm

    glad all is settling!
    it was a lovely smell in the lounge from the candle. lavender.
    take care. I have four more until I get into town again. Hope we don’t need them…

  2. Amy permalink
    October 23, 2011 9:13 pm

    Very scary!! Hope you’re okay now. Lots of love. xo

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