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Something in the air

October 17, 2011

There must be something in the air in Cambridge saying, “trip”, “fall”, “dive headfirst at the ground” … just as I was feeling much better on Saturday evening, my mother tripped over the edge of a carpet while carrying a tray and managed to bash her right side badly on the arm of an armchair … she watched the whole of Strictly Come Dancing from the floor surrounded by the remnants of her supper .. and then got herself back upright again. I had gone home by the time this happened … she didn’t tell me til yesterday.

So … from her nursing me now I’m nursing her … doctor coming along today to check to ensure no ribs broken … poor thing is in so much pain. Even with that when I came round yesterday morning she was sitting on an old chair in my “office” (brother’s old bed room) using an old scrubbing brush and some dettol spray to clean the front of my old baby wardrobe. I put her to bed with a cup of hot Bovril and far from complaining all she said rather sadly was, “I hate to lose time”.

The Spaniard has reassured us both (after virtually no movement all weekend which was really difficult as it’s normally so active) with a night of dancing and bouncing about back in its old hyperactive style which was a great big relief.

I’m staying here both to rest and to take care of Mother for the next few days – and as I have about 300 hospital appointments this week it seems sensible as well … lung function tests today and so on and so forth …

Still can’t find my hand-held notes which is a worry – thank goodness I kept all the original scan photos in my little album at home … you’d think if I’d dropped them someone might pick them up and see the gazillions of address labels and post them back to me … they haven’t appeared at the doctor’s surgery as yet either or the hospital. I hope they do … I was keeping such a meticulous record and also they had all the notes from every appointment in them. I never lose things properly especially not important things … all v frustrating.

Anyway – work to do, bath to have, Spaniard to feed, Doctor to see, mother to feed, walk (slow and gentle on flat surface) to have … busy day ahead … and it’s most definitely Autumn now .. really chilly with grey sky outside…

Brrrrrrrrr … oh and they say things come in threes … so with the falls, first me, then Mummy and then on Sunday I saw an older friend – a lady called Ann and she had fallen on Saturday as well … so that’s the whole falling over thing OUT of the way now thank you very much.


Yup Doctor came … she’s broken 2 ribs … poor thing … NOT good she hurts so much : (

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  1. Joan Lawton permalink
    October 18, 2011 11:41 pm

    Pleased to hear that the 3rd fall has happened, poor you, and your mother as well, damaged ribs are so painfull as you can not stop them moving and there is nothing much that they can do to help except for pain killers. Just take care the both of you

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