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October 25, 2011

The Spaniard loves curry … makes it dance about and settle … and then dance some more … and then some more … and some more … long night with not much sleep for me and the little soul finally finished its personal Diwali celebration about 5am this morning… it is now sleeping soundly I’m sure with a self-satisfied smile and it’s hand on its tummy feeling very contented. I however am knackared and look shocking … ahh well I guess I need to get into the habit of not having alot of sleep!!

Odd how I can tell if it doesn’t like something – I get sudden jolting movements and then it seems to sulk … but with things it likes (not ice cream) it bounces about and then settles in a more vertical position… or maybe I’m reading too much into the whole thing!!!

Anyway – it has been raised so far on lashings of curry and chilli so am hoping that the article I read many moons back is true and it will grow up enjoying the taste as well.

Right then – very slow start to the day and not long til I have another rest as am heading up to London for an evening meeting I have organised … straight to Kings Cross, taxi to venue, 3 hours sitting and standing and having fun and then taxi back to station, and train home to bed … I do have the option of staying in London if I feel I need to and will be amongst friends and colleagues who all know the situation AND I’ll have my Baby On Board badge with me too.

Bit nervous as haven’t been out of Cambridge since 6th September and that was a very difficult and exhausting trip but I will be fine and I will be careful!

Time for another snooze before bath and what to wear crisis begins.

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  1. October 26, 2011 4:25 am

    Ever read any of the Anne McCaffrey books? “Journeyman – report” We are all now affixed to our monitors, email etc for the next report from Ms Ellie so please let us know you are OK. Or stop telling us of your latest daft plans to NOT TAKE IT EASY!!! x

    • October 26, 2011 8:51 am

      mission successful – safely returned very happy after a really positive meeting – somehow the brief sojourn in train and taxi and conference room, restaurant, taxi and train did me the power of good and lifted my spirits no end xxx

      thank you

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