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Trick and treat

November 1, 2011

I’ve always wondered … people talk about heartburn and chew pieces of chalk and I’ve always thought them a little peculiar but yesterday afternoon (having eaten a lovely bowl of tomato soup) it happened. I was having a lie down and suddenly it felt as if I was about to be sick and that the soup was bubbling around ontop of The Spaniard in a very perilous manner.

Deeply unpleasant! I had to walk for nearly 2 hours to ease the sensation. However… (and yes I know you shouldn’t start sentences with however) the walk did involve two small boys trick or treating and was huge fun. One a small skeleton (very small) and the other a scary pirate. Both made up with gruesome face paints (which wouldn’t come off) and both thrilled to bits to be able to march around the neighbourhood being given oodles of e-numbers!!

An odd weekend – about as disjointed as my thoughts this morning, but the in brief (and relevant to this blog) summary was that I saw some very old friends who covered me with love and really made a great big fuss about the whole Spanish Armada that appears to have taken over my body totally, then I went (all the way in a car by myself) to Southampton to see my mother in law who I hadn’t seen since April when she was 80 and also in hospital fighting for her life. Now she is full of beans and helped me and her son and daughters eat quite the largest meal in the world ever at a local Chinese restaurant (oh I so crave scallops … sigh). I walked in the forest with sister and brother-in-law, discussed possible names for The Spaniard and thought yet again about its heritage and wider family network. This one little (well actually quite large) soul is going to be loved by a lot of people – which is a good thing, and is already touching so many people’s lives.

We also talked about birth weight … Roy’s nephew was 10lbs 10 oz when he was born, both Roy’s sisters were big babies as well … I think I was around 7lbs but mother can’t remember … one of my twin nephews was only around 3lbs … and I think that The Spaniard is destined to be quite a heffalump if my current size is anything to go by … according to the books it should be about 2lbs now. 10 more weeks to go it will be about 20lbs I expect!!

Anyway – then I headed over to see one of my best friends and her two small sons. Only when I arrived I developed this horrid heartburn and slept for 4 hours. The trick or treating did ease it a little and then I slept for about 10 hour straight. Feeling much better this morning and again revelling in the joy of friendship.

There’s no phone signal here so I know the phone can’t ring, I’m writing an article for a client and the sun is streaming through the windows. Susannah is upstairs working and everything feels right with my world just now. After the exhaustion and sickness of yesterday evening, I decided to stay another 24 hours before I bimble slowly back from Salisbury to Cambridge tomorrow morning. I know that when I do set off (with a car full of baby stuff that she and another friend have given me) I shall be singing happily and The Spaniard will have enjoyed our treat, this tiny bit of a break, and will hopefully not be sitting crying in its watery abode but will be bouncing about and feeling fine… and the horrid heartburn trick won’t happen again.

Again sorry for disjoined ramble … maybe eating one small sweet from the large haul the boys bought back in their orange pumpkins was one eNumber more than I’ve eaten since February and has pushed me over the edge!!

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