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From walking to waddling

November 4, 2011

It’s official … my walk has become a waddle!

I haven’t had as much exercise this last week what with my trip down south, and today I set off across the footpath along the top side of Grantchester Meadows and realised that I am now waddling … it made me laugh out loud … which in turn made people turn and stare.

You get used to your shadow during your lifetime; mine has changed! Not just for the bigger and wider, but my arms seem to hang differently when I move and my walk is definitely different … I guess with the weight of The Spaniard, its house, the amniotic fluid and the placenta on the front (probably about 3/4 a stone maybe more) I am standing very differently. Anyway – I am now a waddler.

Sleeping gets harder too as does rolling over … and I do tend to wake up with achy hips and so on … a top tip a physio friend gave me was not just to put a pillow under the ‘bump’ but to put it between your legs to stop the top leg rolling over and pulling all the muscles and so on out of alignment. That has really helped.

Midwife phoned up today and said she thought even though I’m to be unzipped and The Spaniard ‘untimely ripped’ from its dwelling place she still thought I should go to both NHS and NCT classes – so I know what’s what incase anything happens early. They also have post natal instruction on how to change a nappy on a doll and how to bathe it, which way up to hold it and so on which I think I need!!!

Came home this evening and have spent the last 2 hours folding and tidying up all the tiny little clothes we were given earlier in the week – all laundered now and pleasingly un-ironed but looking very small and neat in their new home.

About now I move to being 28 weeks pregnant … which is incredible. I do feel so proud and so blessed to have made it this far … I really never imagined it possible in those far of days in May and June and July (and even in August and September and October) … I still feel a little as if I’m tempting fate every time I fold an item of baby clothing or think about names and christenings and God parents – but I do do that now.

So … rain or shine I think we are off to the seaside tomorrow for some air and some blusteryness. Then some fireworks it being bonfire night and all.

Still can’t really believe it! I’m pregnant … and I have a very active, strong kicking, bouncing little person growing at a rate of knots inside me. Quite remarkable!

And I’m hugely amused that I’m now a waddler … and for those who keep asking no I don’t have any dark hairy line down my tummy AND my stretch mark has vanished.

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