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a bit like “semen and cheese”

November 7, 2011

I’m sorry, I really am, I know that is quite a peculiar (I hesitate to say unsavoury or tasteless) blog title but it is far and away the most memorable thing (other than “your baby’s looking completely normal”) that was said to me by the midwife in answer to one of my many questions during our 10th scan this morning.

First things first… after a fairly restless night due to the intrepid explorations of the furthest off parts of its small dark watery empire, The Spaniard decided it was defiantly time to get up at about 6am. Time to prepare for scan number 10 and to fix breakfast for mother (still very sore broken ribs) and to wander round to the hospital.

Today’s scan marked 28 weeks and 3 days (185 days since it was fertilized in that far off test tube in Alicante – hence The Spaniard … made in Spain .. come on keep up!) – it was a scan as part of the Pregnancy Outcome Prediction Study and meant heading not into the general melee of the Rosie outpatients bit but up to the more peaceful surroundings of the Clinical Investigations Ward, home of free hot chocolate, pretty sticking plasters AND free jaffa cakes.

The sonographer midwife lady was quite formal and a little brusk but very meticulous as she measured the size of head, tummy and thigh bone and examined the heart, the lungs, the bladder and so on. We turned away when she got near the ‘private parts’ as still determined not to find out the sex … she measured the amniotic fluid, the efficiency of the placenta, the heart beats (139 per minute) and the umbilical cord. All ‘normal’ which was great although I’m sure that if it makes it to the real world, The Spaniard will spend the rest of its life striving to be abnormal and different if is anything like me!!

The she said, “ok let’s have a look at your baby” and zoomed in on the face until we could almost see right up its nostrils.

28 weeks 3 days

She got all excited and said, “oh look it’s chewing” and sure enough you could see, once you’d worked out which way up the picture was, the tiny mouth chewing and the lips opening and closing, the midwife said that they practise chewing, sucking and swallowing with the amniotic fluid and it helps develop their muscles and reflexes. The Spaniard kept its little fists clenched and kept its knees up with feet waving around wildly and did a couple of Olympian style high jumps. You could also quite clearly see its little thumbs sticking out.

28 weeks 3 days with thumbs!

. The placenta was at the back and not as low as the head which is good apparently although the will continue to monitor its position. The midwife kept talking about the amount of space still available in it’s “pool” and how it will continue to twist and turn, somersault and change direction while there is room to manoeuvre. So, although it is currently head first down looking to the right (politically influenced by its father which is a worry), by tomorrow it might be the other way up and looking left (far more sensible!).

So, all in all very good, yet as ever gave me a feeling of being almost totally detached from it. I just can’t get my head around the idea that the odd churning, bumping and bouncing going on inside and the grainy hyperactive little soul on the screen are a) one and the same and b) a real person that could already, and will in January (I hope and pray) be born… just seems impossible to believe somehow.

Anyway – as she was wiping my tummy to get the scanning goo off she asked if I had any questions … silly woman of course I had hundreds, mainly around having to have a Cesarian (which she answered wonderfully clearly) and then around waters breaking and amniotic fluid (ie does it seep or gush? is it like discharge – sorry but this is a pregnancy blog – or a river of clear spring water?). She said the amniotic fluid will ‘pour’ or ‘run’ down (oooer) if I get that far before they unzip me, and it should be clear(ish) and should smell very distinctive and not like urine, but “a bit like semen and cheese”.

That got me wondering all sorts of other things and also feeling slightly ‘eeeooowwww’ but thankfully for once I was totally lost for words! Obviously part of her cunning plan to get rid of me and stem the tide of questions.

Anyway, that was so peculiar I thought I had to share it with you … it quite put me off my free Jaffa cakes.

28 weeks 3 days all arms and legs

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  1. Woolleybear64 permalink
    November 7, 2011 8:41 pm

    Dont worry Ellie, you will know if your waters break! Mine did with my eldest as I was eating my breakfast with an almighty gush!!

    • November 8, 2011 4:01 am

      Ahhh but what did it smell like!!!???

      Thanks Carol x

  2. Cate permalink
    November 7, 2011 9:51 pm

    I know this is silly… but I was *astounded* by how much Daisy’s face looked like her scan picuture!! yes…yes… I know I’m very stupid… but her profile was exactly the same in real life and in the pic. I think I was so suprised because like you, I felt very disconnected to the whole scan thing.
    So, I think what I am trying to say is “wow… you’ve just seen your baby!!” Sssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooo exciting!!!! xx

    • November 8, 2011 3:59 am

      Cate you know I’ve been wondering that and feeling a combination of Hurrah and Oooer about it. I am lucky in that I have another scan on Wednesday and hope it will stay a little stiller for the camera then… But also wanting it to move wildly so i can’t see incase i convince myself The Spaniard is going to be an ugly baby!!! I know I know…shallow and weird but I’ve always mulled over the possibility!!!

      As long as it’s healthy that’s all that matters!!!

      And i will never forget what a beautiful baby Daisy was… I remember that high up room you were both in and seeing her little face for the first time! Xxx

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