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All change (she said a bit wearily)

November 9, 2011

Loud exhale of breath …

Long afternoon today. This whole pregnancy thing is SUCH a roller coaster.

Got to the scanning department for 28 week scan and saw lovely Sharon the midwife, one of the first people to scan The Spaniard way back in June (which was lovely) … the entire Spaniard support squad (well the immediate family section at any rate) came along too, Roy all tired after a night volunteering in a local homeless shelter and mother all exhausted after the hike up long hospital corridor with broken ribs and me.

the very weary Spaniard support squad

Sharon settled us down and did a scan … The Spaniard not its usual active self but its heart was beating and it did make the odd disgruntled looking movement. Everything seemed to be in the right place, not unexpected after having had one on Monday as well … it had however turned right over and is now in the breech position curled into a small ball, but as it still has space to wriggle that isn’t a cause for concern.

Some bits bigger some smaller but all within normal range

The head seems to have grown a bit bigger and other bits seem a little smaller than average now other than the abdomen which is slightly larger than average – but not much. All the fluid was correct amounts.

So, with what seemed to be like great good news I sent the support squad home and went to see the consultant. Oh and to have the lucozade test… it felt horrid drinking some fizzy chemical crap having avoided everything like that for months but as per instructions I drank precisely 273 ml of the orange stuff and sat and waited.

To my disappointment it wasn’t Dr Patient that called my name but a huge sweaty disorganised looking bloke with a large mole on the side of his face and a far away accent. So I went in feeling a little ‘hackles up’, he actually turned out to be one of the friendliest most efficient Doctors I’ve ever met – from Thesaloniki in northern Greece. He reviewed my notes and also looked at the date that had been scheduled for the Cesarian … 19th Jan … which he pronounced to be too late and said he’d go and discuss with CHAR-lotta (Charlotte Patient), he also went through everything to do with my age, the drugs and so on and so forth in a very helpful way. We then discussed the Greek debt crisis and his family home by the beach before he headed off with my mountain of notes to find Dr Patient.

She agreed with him that the scan was too late (as scheduled in the very odd last appointment with Dr Goatee Beard) and should be a week earlier… they tweaked the computer date schedule and came back announcing that The Spaniard is now scheduled to be pulled out and into this world on Thursday 12th January in the afternoon. They also both conferred and decided they wanted me to go and have a computerised baby heart check.

I first had to go and be bled following the Lucozade test to check for gestational diabetes and then wandered back along the corridor again to the MFAU where I had alot of waiting around before finally being attached to the baby heart beat monitoring device which involved a large black belt around my waist attached to two large gungey disks which led to a small monitor and a heart jobby (you know like an earth quake measuring device). Then they left me there.

It was at this point that I started wishing I hadn’t sent the support party home, and also realised my mobile battery was running out.

Odd just lying there watching the little line going all over the place … baby heart beat meant to be between 110 and 160 bpm and liable to fluctuate within that range … The Spaniard’s went down as low as 80 at some points and then up to 155 but generally was around 135 … it did also move a few times and the monitor thing kept loosing the heartbeat.

I lay there for 45 minutes feeling increasingly unsettled and very alone, listening to people coming in with broken waters or in need of being induced and hearing all the conversations unfolding outside my little curtained off cubical.

The midwife came and said the test indicated that the baby had moved 14 times in 45 minutes which was a good thing, but looking at the heartbeat it was a strong one but erratic.

So, if the Spaniard stops or reduces its movement at all I have to go back in and anyway need to get rechecked in a few days and then booked to see consultant again on 23rd and 2 more additional scans put into the diary. So, it’s good they are taking it all so seriously.

Then they chucked me out into the full moon’d night and I walked back round to mother’s house. As ever very grateful for being quite so close to the hospital.

Sitting here I feel weary, bemused, relieved, worried and tearful all at once and a bit sick … and in need of a walk, a bloody big drink and a curry.

This whole pregnancy malarkey is so up and down … the word complacent just doesn’t come into it. I am very fortunate to be so well monitored and scanned and looked after I guess.

The other emotion I have is one of overwhelmedness (sorry I know it’s not a proper word) … The Spaniard will appear (if not before and God willing it makes it that far) on 12th January – that is 9 weeks tomorrow or thereabouts … it will be at week 37 and 6 days so it will be a little tiny person. Now it weighs in at a whopping great big 2lbs 13oz apparently… well it seems a whopping great big size to me even though it is bang on average!!

Right then … she said, wearily again, not quite sure what to do next. One member of the support team is downstairs watching Eastenders and fretting that I’ve not had the piece of toasted cheese she offered and probably feeling a bit helpless and the other has gone to a lecture on Black Holes at the Institute of Astronomy which we were meant to be going to tonight. Seemed pointless we both miss it.

Think I’m going to be bad and go and get a curry to eat … need to break this weird dazed feeling… and maybe just maybe a nice curry will help our little Spaniard regain normality. Tomorrow morning rain or shine I start back with my walking again, walks have been a bit less regular since the clocks changed and the weather got colder.

Over and out from a bit of a cabbage headed me. Oh, and here are a couple of photos of the much photographed Spaniard from today, the one on the right I naughtily took from the screen after the scan when Sharon the midwife was putting the report together … bad me but I really like the picture. OK … curry …

28 weeks 5 days in breech position with a non too pleasing reflection of the back of my mobile phone camera as I took the picture of the scan photo!

our little Spaniard snapped on the scanning machine screen

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  1. Tracey Todhunter permalink
    November 9, 2011 10:15 pm

    All I can do is send you a virtual hug – and tell you that a special piece of knitting on it’s way to you – something for the days when you need a hug (that’s a hint!).

  2. Cate permalink
    November 10, 2011 10:12 pm

    Sending love.


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