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RIP tree

November 14, 2011

This post is nothing to do with my pregnancy, but is something I need to write … and will be followed later today and tomorrow I’m sure by a few other posts on the subject of The Tree.

Today a huge part of my life, and an even bigger part of my mother’s life will be needlessly obliterated … well over the next two days. Monday 14th November marks the end of a very very long battle to Save the Tree … our wonderful thuja tree .. nearly 120 years old, being felled due to the irresponsible building (30 years ago) of a garage / outhouse too close to a fence line, with no planning permission and no proper foundations. Now … the tree in its prime, dominating the local landscape it seems that a flimsy flat roof structure is of more importance to Mr Eric Pickles despite having been unanimously protected by Cambridge City Council’s planning department on November 17th last year, now it seems that bricks trump trees.

So much for natural heritage, for the environment in an already over concreted part of Cambridge.

Mother is going away as she can’t cope with the whole situation and I have to stay here and supervise … outside my window now I can see the tree and I can hear the birds in it and the squirrels chattering oblivious of the devastation that is to befall their ancient home.

My small unborn person will never see the tree which makes me sad, and also all the people in the hospital that see it from their sick beds, the nurses and doctors that see it every day and people all over this side of Cambridge will never again wake up with its majesty.

Tremendously sad.


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