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What a difference a day makes (tree post no 3)

November 14, 2011

Well … day 1 of tree felling over … and what a difference a day makes. Click here for a view the same time yesterday afternoon.  The tree was huge but how huge only becomes evident when half of it is hacked away … I’ve tweeted Mr Pickles to see if he’ll respond, but I doubt he will when he never replied to mother’s letter about the appeal.

On a lighter note, Mother’s made it to Dorset and is enjoying a cream tea and I’m going for a walk before it gets dark. Feeling very tired, The Spaniard is giving disconsolate little jumps inside me and I feel as if I’ve let it down bringing this much sadness into its little watery world. Susannah phoned me up and I felt happy for the first time since yesterday evening and that made it bounce more normally… Think I need to find some jollity once all this tree horror is over and laugh for the second part of the week. In the meantime I feel as if I should have started an Occupy The Tree campaign (like Wall Street or outside St Pauls) but I guess that would have just prolonged the agony. This is going to sound very silly I’m sure, but I do hope the tree isn’t hurting as it stands there proudly still but with lots of severed limbs on its last night of existence. Oh good grief my hormones have gone mad and taken control of my brain. Time for some fresh air in lieu of a stiff drink!

too much sky coming through

half a tree left

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