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November 16, 2011

At least the day the sun shone. Watery sun to begin with but by this afternoon a cold blue Autumnal day gave fitting tribute to the mighty tree as its last remaining branches were lowered and flung to the ground. It was still a very difficult day but somehow felt more like the autopsy following the murder.

Having said that various neighbours kept calling round distraught at seeing what had happened and I had rather a trite encounter with the people who had insisted and pushed for the tree to be removed so it has been difficult and long – to say nothing of noisy – that much tree will take a lot of chipping.

I also went to the midwife this afternoon, all measured and listened to and faintly (maybe) reassured by her cheery, “lots of us have an irregular heart beat, as long as the baby keeps moving”. I start ‘baby classes’ on Thursday so am now thinking up gazillions of questions to ask to ensure t

I walked back delighted to have the classes now lined up (3 of them 2 hours each) and felt somehow lighter … I got back to see the skeleton of the tree standing tall like a telegraph pole looking stiff, cold and lonely without its branches. I then looked around and it felt almost like Snow White with the number of squirrels and birds dashing anxiously round the other trees making a noise as if to say, “what’s happened to our home?” … then a tiny field mouse emerged from the pile of logs limping with a damaged back leg. That made me cry, it had obviously been hurt in the decimation of the area.

The wood pile stands as tall as me and there is much still to be done – the optimistic, “Oh it’ll only take 2 days and the whole job will be done and cleared away” is looking more like 4 days.

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