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Gone … the end of an era (and the last of the tree posts)

November 17, 2011

Well .. today – with a huge great big bang, it went … about 9.30 this morning… cold misty and dank.

It took some precision cutting and some well anchored ropes and a lorry moving very slowly to pull the remainder of the poor tree down, but the very adept tree surgeons did their job superbly, watched by a rather bemused and numb but none the less fascinated me.

The wood pile afterwards was HUGE. We salvaged some to make a table and some ‘rustic’ looking stools to go near where the tree once stood, and Luke, one of the tree chaps carved a lovely wooden spiral sculpture as a piece to remember it by. They guys quite literally swept up after themselves and there it all was … gone. Most strange. A huge amount of empty sky and extra light in the garden but a whopping great big space and too much brick and concrete to see through it.

The murder had been planned, the precision slaughter carried out, the biopsy concluded and the tree carted off to a funeral pyre somewhere in Cottenham. Glad mother was away and didn’t see it all happening. I did try standing on the stump to see if I could impersonate a tree but failed as you’ll see below. Now we await the root grinding man and then by March we have to plant another tree a bit nearer into Mother’s garden but that has the capacity in 100 years to be as mighty as this one was. We also need to work out how to build a fence, plant a hedge in the gap.

Hey ho … sad The Spaniard will never get to see it but am sure we’ll at least have picnics around the new table… and the new tree will grow up with it so we can measure their growth together which will be lovely.

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