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Normal service resumed … and bra trauma

November 17, 2011

So … tree gone, normal service on blog resumed … sorry for the diversion, I’m firmly back in crazy pregnant person land again now.

Back to normal, just much much much tireder after this weird week. A couple of things nobody ever tells you about being pregnant:

1 – it hurts alot and often

2 – you are knackared most of the time once you start getting larger, look like death warmed up, there is no way you’d be able to shave / wax your own bikini line any more, putting boots on is nigh on impossible, sleep is nigh on impossible AND you snore, get dry lips and a blocked up nose at night.

The other issue is around bras. Obviously everybody knows you get bigger when pregnant … well you’re meant to. I don’t seem to have in the chest area, I mean my tummy has expanded and pushed them up but my bras seemed to fit perfectly until they just got too tight round the base. So yesterday I stumbled into town (shopping … WHAT is that all about???) and went to Bravissimo to get measured and to get a breast-feeding bra.

That didn’t happen as there was an hour wait for measuring and the breast-feeding bras were kept in a special secret place until you are 2 weeks before your due date. If it was that tiring going into town yesterday there is no way I’ll be shopping in early January! So I went to M&S and having wrestled a tape measure from the assistant, failed to manage to put it round me and then she relenting and measuring me I found that I should no longer be wearing 36 F bras but at the moment need a size 42 C … which seemed odd. So bought one large bra and asked about the breast-feeding ones and was again told not to buy one til just before I’m due … what will happen if it comes early? How will I get the right size then – do they offer a hospital measuring service?? Why is everything so complicated!!!

I did however buy cotton wool (apparently now  you have to wash babies with cotton wool and water and not Johnson’s baby bath and a flannel) and a tub of sudocream, and today after a meeting went to a little Maternity barn in the country (highly preferable to the centre of Cambridge) and bought a small sheepskin thing for The Spaniard to roll around on and lie on (washable!!). That place was good as you can take second hand stuff in (washed and ironed) and they sell it and keep half and give you half the money – which will be useful in due course I guess.

I also did a ‘skills swap’ (I’m so modern) … having been told by the midwife that before the Cesarean I’d probably be shaved (bic razor and baby powder … OUCH), I discussed this with my friend Kathryn who then said that one of the businesses where she worked need a Facebook page and so I helped with their Facebook page and they gave me a ‘free’ wax. Which was good.

Now then (and for the squeamish amongst you please turn away) … being waxed normally involved lying on your front and your back … however being 7 1/2 months pregnant means lying on your front is impossible. So I spent 10 minutes this morning on my hands and knees on a table thing in a pair of paper knickers having hair ripped from my upper back thighs thinking, “What has life come to?” So undignified, so painful and so absurd I could only laugh as I tried not to fall flat on top of The Spaniard who was bouncing around wildly and not helping the situation at all!! Anyway – all done, nobody is coming near me with a bic razor!!

Having fitted in an hour walk, a few hours work, 2 phone conferences and all the rest of the excitement I’ve realised I’m absolutely shattered and it’s time for a sleep for an hour or two before our first official NHS Baby Class this evening… ooh the excitement – and ooh the nerves (what to wear??) and also ooh the relief to know I’ll finally be told which way up to hold the baby, how to change it and so on. I’m amazed how little instruction you get for something so important. Even a new washing machine comes with instructions.

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