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200 days old

November 23, 2011

Important that this major milestone gets marked on my blog even if a day late … the last few days have been hectic and debilitating and I’m playing catch up.

Tuesday 22nd November was The Spaniard’s 200th days birthday … it wasn’t a great day really with being so tired from hospital and being in limbo re next steps and feeling a bit battered after my restless night under neon… however it ended happily with Mother, Roy and I singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ inspired by a lovely programme on the TV watch again thing called The Choir … and the sound of us howling along wearily but proudly was enough to make The Spaniard jump for joy for a few hours before it, like me fell into a heavy sleep (on and off) before heading back to hospital this morning… and that’s a whole other story.

Happy Birthday little Spaniard … the next celebration (God willing) will be your actual birth day…

Just to mark the special day my favourite rendition (obviously) of one of my favourite songs by my favourite artist with my favourite band – and yes I was there when this was recorded!!!
If you haven’t ‘got’ spotify I do recommend you download it … never ending ‘free’ music … and failing that just watch it on YouTube (you may have to watch a silly advert first but stay with it.)

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