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and another hospital day!

November 23, 2011

Just to get right up to date following the last few difficult and very tiring days. Today I had to be at The Rosie at 8.30am to find out what (if anything) was going to happen as a result of all the recent blood tests and faff, and also because when I did the Lucozade test the other day the result of one of the blood tests came back with slightly elevated levels of glucose which could be a sign of gestational diabetes (and those done before I had the lovely chocolate brownies!!!).

So, from last night at 10pm I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything and today when I arrived I had a few syringe fulls of blood taken and then had to go and drink about half a pint of pure revolting very sweet glucose and sit for an hour. That doesn’t sound vile – let me assure you it was deeply horrible, thick, claggy and sweet. It made The Spaniard very hyperactive and made me feel nauseous. I had to wait for an hour and then go back in and have another blood test and then go away for another hour (still having eaten or drunk nothing at all not even a sip of water), the inside of my mouth like a parrot’s cage floor. I was advised to stay on hospital premises but I had to get some air so walked along to the railway line on a gloriously frosty chilly cold blue day and called a friend to discuss the likelihood of me being able to take a 6 month old baby to a Bruce Springsteen concert in June / July (ear defenders are good these days aren’t they????!!) and just to try and clear my head. One hour exactly later I was back having the next blood test and then was sent up to the haematology department for my next appointment.

I really enjoy the haematology appointments, for one they are in a high up airy clean lovely series of rooms with views out over the fields, they are calm and they are also fun due to the exuberance and efficiency of Tracey my glorious (and slightly mad but in a delightful way) Irish haematologist. She gets to the point, she sorts our issues, she dismisses or calms concerns and even though she was the one that put me in surgical stockings all those months ago she talks sense and I always leave feeling reassured and cared for and with a big grin. I have to carry on my tummy injections, keep on with the aspirin and carry on with the stockings … she also went through the antibody results and not only do I have immunity from shingles / chicken pox etc I have high immunity so no need for the haemoglobin – a HUGE relief.

I invited her to be at ‘the birth’ which she declined, sadly, and then headed back downstairs feeling happy, exhausted, frustrated with all the chaos of the last few days (yes I know better safe than sorry) and decidedly queasy still being full of glucose and not having anything to eat or drink.

One more blood test and then I had a large mug of hot water and a packet of mini cheddars – oh and I nearly punched someone … bad bad bad I know BUT there was a very heavily pregnant girl sitting in a very short fluffy pink dressing gown outside the front entrance of the hospital with a tin of red bull in one hand, a cigarette in her other hand and the packet balanced ontop of her ‘baby bump’ she was chatting to a bloke in a backwards baseball cap who was also smoking … GRRRRR that poor baby… sigh … and I bet they’ve had no problems at all in their pregnancy.

I bought a small green woolly hat from the wonderful WRVS Rosie in Stitches stall for The Spaniard as a late birthday present and a lovely knitted white shawl thing and then I headed back to the clinic to see my consultants. Very tired of being in hospital by then and very weary.

The Rheumatology consultant didn’t turn up so the appointment was pleasingly short and the eternally wonderful Dr Patient (or is that Miss Patient, I’m never quite sure with consultants) assured me that total exhaustion was normal for “let me put this delicately, someone of your advanced years” and that gestational diabetes is also to be expected in someone who is 47, and constant pain around the ‘bump’ area. We went over the plan for the Cesarean, she also confirmed that I didn’t need haemoglobin and then told me to get some rest and that I had to see her again on 14th December after my next scan and to get in touch if anything untoward came along in the meantime in terms of baby movements and so on.

So … back now at mother’s house feeling as if it is 4am, about to have a major snooze and then hopefully later see a friend for a bit of light entertainment and cheer before a big sleep (oh I hope so).

Weary weary weary and The Spaniard still a bit hyper, which is beginning to ache, after its massive sugar rush earlier. Tomorrow I hope will be a pleasingly dull and normal day (though I hesitate to say that!). I plan to do lots of work, find out about maternity benefit and research prams more and sleep alot – oh and have a walk – gosh I miss the long days and walks in the early evening.

Now though time for a snooze and to work out how to take off 8 small round plasters from all the blood test holes! I have also played the sound of The Spaniard’s heart beating to mother as she hadn’t heard it before … I recorded it on my phone when I was alone and miserable two nights ago in the isolation room while it was being monitored… the sound is just wonderful. I’m also quite pleased with my new hat purchase, it sets off the little boots Lizi gave me back in the summer perfectly!!

hat collection!

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  1. Mary Holleman permalink
    November 23, 2011 5:24 pm

    Ellie, if you have to drink any more vile liquids, I recommend using a straw and holding your nose while ingesting them. The straw will minimize contact with taste buds and much of our sense of taste is tied to our olfactory system, so if you reduce exposure to any aromas you’ll also reduce the intensity of the taste.

    On another note, when you have a chance, could you please send me your and Roy’s mailing address?

    Cheers to all of you!


  2. Frank Nicholson permalink
    November 26, 2011 2:03 am

    keep going……. the end is in sight then fianlly all will be happy times while the endorphins are in place. If you think your liquids are yukky try the ones they give you before a colonoscopy!
    Ha Ha….. from the antipodies, crocs, redbacks, kangaroos, great whites etc. You better play the Spaniard our favourite tunes! Frank

    • November 30, 2011 11:24 pm

      oh Frank … yes i shall play all those tunes … i must start at once … when are you coming over to see the small person (assuming after it’s born) or the large one (if it is before cos I’ll be even bigger) .. i hate that so many people i love are so far away …

      just found Don Spencer’s website … “cos he’ll eat nearly everything in sight” : )
      miss you xxx


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