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Sigh … BIG SIGH, oh and …

November 23, 2011

Hardly know where to begin …

woke Monday morning tired from the usual Spaniard dancing party that seems to go on most nights but very excited as was going to London to a meeting with a very special group of people I hadn’t seen together for ages in a peaceful lovely house near Holborn. Pottered to station in plenty of time and got on the train … cancelled … got on next train … cancelled, eventually got down an hour late but so happy and feeling on fine form and ready for the meeting. Arrived, hugged and kissed everyone and had a constructive couple of hours, then we went out for lunch – Puttanesca Pasta – yum – and back for a guided tour of the house only to find out that one of our small band had a reoccurrence of shingles (which she hadn’t had for over a month and hadn’t had that morning) poor thing. This was difficult for several reasons; two heavily pregnant people.

I called the hospital and they said to come


straight back to Cambridge (other round person was seeing her consultant that afternoon anyway in London) … so very forlornly headed back to Kings Cross and back to Cambridge. Stopped (thank goodness) for a cup of honey and lemon and a piece of toast and headed round to the Rosie.

I waited, and I waited (on my own) and I waited … and the MFAU closed, so I was sent up to a room on the Delivery Unit (up where my cesarean will happen) and waited longer thinking no point in getting into bed as will be heading home after blood test. Then they put identification bracelets on to me, never a good sign if you’re hoping for a quick get away.


In the end I saw 3 midwives and a doctor. They seemed a bit bemused about exactly what to do with me, but listened to The Spaniard’s heartbeat, listened to my heartbeat, then put me on a baby heartbeat machine for 2 hours and took pints of blood (to check against previous blood tests). It seems that shingles can pose a risk to the baby … and if I haven’t had chicken pox (which I haven’t) it can cause chicken pox which isn’t good normally but even less good when this pregnant and also bad for the unborn person. Anyway – the night drew in, the hospital got quieter and quieter and I waited and waited until they finally said to get into the bed…

More tests, more forms to fill in, bright neon light over my head … The Spaniard’s heartbeat was fine – which was good after previous concerns …however the night wore on and on and on … I took a picture or two and recorded the sound of the heartbeat onto my phone to pass the time as had no signal and nothing to read, eat or drink … very lonely and fed up.

Finally sent home with instructions to get the community midwife to call the hospital virologist to get the test results which would mean either a) have antibodies therefore am fine BUT still would probably be offered haemoglobin or b) have no antibodies therefore need haemoglobin also warned to stay clear of mother til results all sorted.

Don’t think I’ve ever felt more exhausted or fed up or bemused …  anyway – I called the midwife, “who gave you my number? they shouldn’t have. I’m too busy in clinic now the hospital midwife should deal with this” (which wasn’t helpful) … so I called the hospital and having been initially passed from pillar to post was phoned back by someone who said I had the antibodies (hurrah) but not sure about the haemoglobin … so more waiting around and faf … but one good thing was that it would have been serious for the baby prior to 21 weeks and then after 36 weeks … at 30 weeks there is not a risk to the baby … WHY didn’t they tell me that last night or find someone who knew more about it all … humph.

So still in limbo, very very very tired and weary and finally mightily fed up… but at the very least I had come back from London with a wonderful tray of home baked brownies (thank you @thecurrentmrsr) so had some consolation…

Oh, and when sorting through my phone again I found the sound of The Spaniard’s heartbeat (very soothing as you’ll hear if you click where it says very soothing in brown & then press the play button!!) – quite incredible.


What do you think? Comments welcome ...

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