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Bathing baby & woollen breasts

November 26, 2011

Went to the second baby class this week … what to do with them once they’ve been born until about 2 weeks of age.

Far less scary (on one level) than the previous week and nice to see the gang of cheery tired round ladies again. This week we learnt about putting our elbows into the water to test the temperature, how you don’t need a baby bath when there’s a perfectly good sink in the kitchen (but watch the drips) and that water and cotton wool are perfectly adequate rather than bubbles and soap. We also found out that the baby allowance forms were in the advert full ‘Bounty’ pack in one of the booklets – which it seems we’ve all thrown away (good to know other people have the same healthy disrespect for product placement).

Apparently our nipples will hurt most 4 days into breast feeding and if (in the secret of our own quiet moments) we start to squeeze now then bits of milky goo many appear (they didn’t when I tried – but maybe I’m squeezing wrong!). We are also all going to breast feeding workshops on 5th December which conjures up all sorts of odd images … the midwife was demonstrating her top tips with a set of round knitted balls with different shaped nipples on them!

Anyway – all in all it was helpful. Also a friend has sent me a self hypnosis CD on how to prepare for a Cesarean but apparently I can’t listen to it in the car incase I fall asleep driving.

The whole sleep thing has become a bit problem … the mattress at home feels like a rock (before it felt pleasingly firm) and I woke up 8 times last night with aching hips and pelvis and ended up sleeping in til 10 this morning (lazy trollop) when I was awoken by The Spaniard booting me in the tummy saying I’m bored and hungry .. so I got up and fed it muesli and it seems to have settled down again.  Poor starved little soul.

Pleasingly the midwife also told us the other night to forget ‘routine’ to start with and just to ‘do’ … but also that we must try to take 20 minutes a day for ‘us’ … Oh dear it is all quite alarming if extremely exciting.

The Spaniard is now 31 weeks old … so theoretically on the home straight although 2 of my baby books this week talk about them being strangled by their own umbilical cords and urging new mothers to be to keep an eye on movements etc.

Right then – up and at the weekend and time to start thinking more about pram thing and also buying a small tub of aqueous cream and looking at ‘real nappies’ not disposable ones (which apparently could set the average mother back £1k per annum in the first year … The Spaniard will wear newspaper nappies if that cost is likely!!).


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