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November 28, 2011

ok that’s it … I’m officially frazzled.

Today has gone from happy to sad to calm to hysterical to numb to angst to just one big old humph and sigh.

Too much to do, brain can’t contain it all, have lost two lists, can’t find couple of things, going to London to work for a day and a half tomorrow, then when back have a few days escape to the coast … but in the meantime everything feels a bit AAAGGGHHHHHHHGGGHHHHH and too much.

31 weeks and a few days … tummy sore, growing ever larger, wonderful Spaniard dancing the light fantastic all night so sleep just vanishing into the realms of “oh I remember that”, no pram, baby name block, Roy away for 10 days next week, spare room still not finished, plans for Christmas suddenly changed, lots of work to do and all feeling a bit too much for my mushy fuddled very pregnant brain to deal with.

Over the weekend I had about 30 people tell me it’s definitely a boy and about 20 people say ‘it’s a girl’ and the rest asking if I know yet … even that is beginning to annoy me… hormones must be setting in now … and excitement and abject terror. I keep having weird dreams about putting my elbow in boiling water and finding my breasts are no longer my own but weird knitted woollen balls like the midwife showed us last week in baby class

Think I shall find a small dark place to go and hide and sleep til it’s time … with a tunnel out at the side so I can bimble out for walks or to go and see friends for laughter therapy.

I knew I was going crazy – today proves it.

ho hum …

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