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“You have a big baby”

November 30, 2011

What a week it’s proving to be … I write this entry at 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant and feeling particularly vast, as I type I think The Spaniard has hiccups as there is a steady insistent movement somewhere low down on the left hand side.

I had a peaceful ‘girlie’ sort of a weekend which was lovely – a massage on Friday afternoon (there was a hole in the middle of the massage table to fit my tummy through) and then pottering around on Saturday vaguely nesting, sleeping and seeing a friend in the evening and watching a trashy movie. Sunday we all went to church and I was surrounded by people saying, “oh it’s a boy” (more than anything else) or “oh how lovely it’s a girl” and all swamping me with affection which was fun if a little tiring! We then had a happy afternoon talking about names, god parents and so on – things that until recently felt too much like tempting fate, and somehow still feel a little unreal. A lovely walk along Grantchester meadows and then a great big sleep.

Monday was kind of a limbo day; lots of work to do and getting ready for Tuesday’s major expedition to London.

Hurrah – I am delighted to report that I went down by train, took taxis and walked around the big cold smokey and sparkly city (wet and reflecty roads) had two very long and intense meetings, one round a large table and the other in a basement room standing and mingling, and in between a cup of hot milk and a Portuguese tart from Bar Italia in Soho (quite my favourite place  to loiter in London) with an inspiring chap I work with whose wife is also pregnant discussing the joys of baby classes, knitted breasts (my class) and kitted placentas (his class). It was so good to be out and about and amongst people … and to get safely home again having had no disasters .. a first for my trips to London since May!! I did feel a bit country bumpkin particularly with my hair looking a little like a dead badger due to the no dye rule (which I’m getting ever more tempted to break) … and I got quite cross with several ladies who pushed past me in the taxi queue in Cambridge and then pretended to care about me being pregnant. Other than that and having to eat an entire lake of Chilli in the pub after the evening meeting (with extra jalapenos) my hormonal reactions were kept in check … and The Spaniard … well it obviously had a great old day as it bounced pretty much non stop for the whole day! Spicy food, adventure and a change obviously suited it as much as they did me.

I also spent some time chatting to a very dear friend and recent second time father about how much he was enjoying fathering classes, and how he felt about being a Dad which was lovely. Pregnancy seems to bring out the best in most people, and I certainly climbed into bed last night happy if extraordinarily exhausted.

Today I slept in, worked, walked and then went to see the midwife … it was Chris the lovely midwife who had the knitted breasts last week and was so reassuring at Baby Class. She really is quite my favourite and settled me and kept me cheery as she measured my tummy and listened to the heartbeat. All seemed fine and then she announced, “you have a big baby”, which for some reason has unsettled me!!! It’s not as if I’ll have to give birth the normal way in which case size of baby would be directly related to how much the delivery caused you to flinch and smart … but I guess it just seems weird … can’t explain why. Roy’s sister’s baby was a giant, he was large too so I guess it is to be expected .. I was about average I think. When they did the glucose test last week I thought that if I was diabetic that could be a reason for The Spaniard to have a large tummy (as show in previous scan measurements) but the results came back negative (hurrah) so that isn’t a reason … maybe the little person is just going to be hefty, which is fine!

The midwife also said something about it being a girl … which she said was based on nothing and having scoured my notes again there is nothing on them and she didn’t see the computer today as it wasn’t working, she later said something about a boy … who knows – we’ll see when we see!!

Right then – haven’t eaten since lunchtime which is most unlike me and The Spaniard is bouncing in the insistent way it seems to when I’m hungry … and I have to have my tummy injection as well so time to get sorted out and forage for food.

I had Paul Clarke the wonderful photographer, friend  and blogger who was covering the evening event  yesterday take a picture of The Spaniard and I up against a wall that made it look as if my waters had broken … thought I’d share it!

Ellie & The Spaniard infront of the breaking waters wall!! (no they hadn't but the image made me chuckle)

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  1. November 30, 2011 8:36 pm

    Great photo. That’s not huge yet I suspect!! How fab to hear the Spaniard has caught up on the earlier concerns about “Es muy pequeño/a” and is now going to be gigante. (Lobs mini babygros in the charity bag!) Must thrive on all the chillies.

    Which reminds me that the dictatorial and unnerving health visitor, who showed up to instruct me on how to ensure my kids ate properly, freaked when I said I was feeding them on Mouli’d potaje (lentil stew with an entire bulb of garlic slowly cooked in it till it goes mushy oh yum!) and curry. Told me you couldn’t possibly give children that until they were older, much older, almost adult was the implication. It would damage their digestive tracts or some such.

    I pointed out that if that were true, vast swathes of the planet would be unpopulated due to the culinary habits of India, Thailand, South America etc. On asking her how many children she had, I decided that having zero meant I was definitely winning in the experience stakes and that the girls’ obvious enjoyment of anything spicy and every fruit and vegetable on the planet meant I couldn’t be too far off track. I don’t feel guilty that they didn’t know what McDonald’s was until some traitor took them there aged about 10, they still eat pretty much anything and I’m sure it’s because I didn’t know any of the rules of weaning, popular eating habits etc, and still don’t. 😉

    • November 30, 2011 11:18 pm

      yes funny to think they were concerned about it being small so early on … and yes it must be all the chilli!! I’m planning on keeping The Spaniard out of all McDonalds and so on til it’s at least 18 … bossy bad mother and it will grow up thinking chilli and curry are standard things to have for breakfast as well : ) big hug x

      • December 1, 2011 1:38 am

        and salad for Christmas Day breakfast is now traditional in our house as when we used to rush off to Spain for Noche Buena, el año nuevo and the Three Kings, I never quite got the hang of that ‘other day’ and the right things to eat on it. In fact, one year was Green Hedgehog Pizza as I recall for dinner. Seem to remember the green hedgehogs were hot peppers!! Big hugs from here too though I’d never reach round now;)

  2. Roger Darlington permalink
    December 1, 2011 1:44 pm

    Would have loved to have seen you in London. Roger

    • December 1, 2011 5:43 pm

      Roger are you around on the evening of the 7th or 8th??

      • December 1, 2011 8:37 pm

        For you Ellie, I’m always around. Either date – just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.

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